Unit: 192nd Tank Battalion

The 192nd Tank Battalion is one of two tank battalions in the Provisional Tank Group which was deployed to the Philippines in 1941.

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Bataan Project - Cpl. Joseph Zam Jr.
192nd - C Co.

Zam, Cpl. Joseph Jr.

Cpl. Joseph Zam Jr. was born on April 23, 1922, in Toledo, Ohio, to Joseph J. Zam Sr. and Mary Hollo-Zam. As a child, he grew up on Lockwood Road in Portage Township outside of Gypsum, Ohio. He was one

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192nd - B Co.

Zelis, PFC Louis C.

PFC Louis Casmer Zelis was born on February 13, 1914, in Chicago, and was one of the four sons born to Mary & John Zelis. He graduated from Kelly High School and worked as the advertisement distributor for a dry

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192nd - C Co.

Zimmerman, PFC George

PFC George Zimmerman was born in Yugoslavia in 1915 to Philip Zimmerman and Magdalene Elder-Zimmerman. He was the youngest of the couple’s three children. At some point, his family immigrated to the United States, where they settled in Madison, Ohio,

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