Hell Ship: Taga Maru


Brown, PFC. John D.

PFC. John D. Brown
Born: 9 December 1918 – Hancock County, Kentucky
Parents: Ivory and Anna Brown
– parents divorced after 1925
Siblings: 1 sister
Hometown: Lewisport, Kentucky
Education: completed grade school
Occupation: farmer
– U. S. Army

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Cahill, Cpl. John P.

Cpl. John Patrick Cahill was born on October 6, 1916, in Butte, Montana, to John T. Cahill and Teresa Tighe-Cahill. He was the oldest of the couple’s four children. His father died in 1920. With his mother and sister, he

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Campbell, Cpl. Ethan H.

Cpl. Ethan Hubbard Campbell 
Born: 7 April 1919 – Eagleville, Missouri 
Parents: Ralph E. Campbell and Goldie V. Hubbard-Campbell 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother 
Home: 1712 Colhoun Street – Saint Joseph, Missouri 
Education: 1 year of college 
Employment: unemployed

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Conroy, Cpl. William A.

Cpl. William Allen Conroy 
Mother: Annie E. Conroy
Born: 6 August 1911 – San Francisco, California 
Home: 530  Chenery Street – San Francisco, California 
Employment: Unemployed
Selective Service Registration: 16 October 1940
Contact person: Annie Elizabeth Conroy – mother

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Courtney, PFC Daniel J.

PFC Daniel Joseph Courtney was born on October 23, 1917, in Janesville, Wisconsin, to Edward Courtney and Eva Butler-Courtney. As a child, with his two brothers and four sisters, he grew up at 518 South Pearl Street. He was known

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Cravens, Pvt. Woodrow W.

Pvt. Woodrow Wilson Cravens was born on December 11, 1915, in Gracey, Kentucky, to Richard Cravens and Addie Young-Cravens. He was one of the couple’s three sons. When Selective Service Registration became law on October 16, 1940, he registered for

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Daffron, Sgt. Walter L. Jr.

Sgt. Walter Leo Daffron Jr. 
Born: 27 June 1912 – Santa Rosa, Missouri 
Parents: Walter L. Daffron Sr. and Emma S. Carpenter-Daffron 
Siblings: 1 sister 
Home: 205 South 28th Street – Saint Joseph, Missouri 
Occupation: Crombie Printing Company – St.

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Derrick, Sgt. Billy S.

Sgt. Billy Sunday Derrick
Born: 4 March 1922 – Kanawha County, West Virginia
Parents: William W. Derrick and Hester Young-Derrick
Siblings: 2 sisters, 2 brothers
Hometown: Falls, West Virginia
Selective Service Registration: 16 October 1940
– did not register which

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Elmer Wesley

Elmer, Tec 5 Wesley R.

T/5 Wesley Roy Elmer and his twin brother, Ray, were born December 3, 1922, in unincorporated Keysville, Wisconsin. He was one of the ten children of Hubert L. Elmer and Myrtle A. McKinney-Elmer. Like many others, Wesley left school after

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Frost, PFC James E.

PFC James Edward Frost 
Born: 30 April 1920 – Midco, Missouri 
Parents: George W. and Mary Frost 
– father married Elsie L. Vick – 1930 
Siblings: 1 sister, 2 brothers, 2 step-brothers 
– one of his step-brothers was Sgt. Harold

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Greenfield, Pvt. Eugene C.

Pvt. Eugene Charles Greenfield was born on July 21, 1918, in Alliance, Ohio, to Howard E. Greenfield and Grace Lavinia-Greenfield and lived in East Liverpool, Ohio. It is known he had one sister and that his family later resided in

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Harlow, Pvt. Lyle C.

Pvt. Lyle Collins Harlow was born on March 5, 1919, in Mackville, Kentucky, to James Harlow and Ida Wilburn-Harlow, and grew up on English Avenue in Harrodsburg, with his five brothers. Like many individuals of the time, he left school

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