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Provisional Tank Group

Mirko, Tec 5 Mario

T/5 Mario Mirko was born on January 28, 1918, in San Francisco, California, to Matteo and Mary Mirko, and had a sister and brother. The

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Provisional Tank Group

Peterson, Tec 5 Charles A.

T/5 Charles Albert Peterson was born in Chicago, Illinois, on November 3, 1919, to Charles J. Peterson and Ruth M. Hansen-Peterson. Until the age of

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Provisional Tank Group

Roedell, PFC Clarence E.

PFC Clarence Edwin Roedell was born on August 16, 1921, in Mills, Iowa, to Henry Roedell and Gladys Parker-Roedell, and he had two sisters and

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Provisional Tank Group

Hensley, Pvt. Emmett E.

Pvt. Emmett Edward Hensley was born on August 25, 1918, in Downs Township, Sumner County, Kansas, to Robert Hensley and Clara Barrows-Hensley. He had seven

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Cause of Death

Griswold, Sgt. Jack J.

Sgt. Jack Julian Griswold was born on December 10, 1919, on a farm near South Haven, Michigan, to Irving L. and Clarissa Griswold. With his

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Provisional Tank Group

White, Pvt. K. Glen

Pvt. Karl G. White was born on January 11, 1922, in Freedom, Pennsylvania, and was the second of the three sons of William J. White

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