Unit: 17th Ordnance Company

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17th Ordnance Company was created when A Company, 19th Ordnance Battalion of the First Armored Division was deactivated at Fort Knox, Kentucky in August 1941. As part of 19th Ordnance, the company had trained alongside the 192nd Tank Battalion.

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17th Ordnance Company

Adair, S/Sgt. Winifred H.

S/Sgt. Winifred Horace Adair
Born: 22 February 1917 – Evansville, Indiana
Parents: Arthur E. Adair and Lulu Mazes-Adair
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother
– when he was a baby, he was put in an orphanage in Nashville, Tennessee
– discovered

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17th Ordnance Company

Adams, S/Sgt. Nevel C.

S/Sgt. Nevel C. Adams 
Born: 1 May 1907 – Madison County, Kentucky 
Parents: John L. Adams and Sallie Daugherty-Adams 
Siblings: 5 sisters, 3 brothers 
Hometown: Union City, Kentucky 
– 1930 – the family lived in Gary, Indiana 
Married: Dorothy 

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17th Ordnance Company

Aikin, Pvt. James T.

Pvt. James Taylor Aikin
Born: 11 December 1925 – Garnettsville, Kentucky 
Nickname: “Ted” 
Parents: Samuel B. Aikin Sr. and Minola McCoy-Aikin 
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers 
Home: Hardin County, Kentucky 
– U.S. Army 
– 1940 
– lied about his

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17th Ordnance Company

Allen, Cpl. Fred J.

Cpl. Fred Joseph Allen
Born: 17 April 1920 – Kentucky
Parents: Lawrence J. Allen Sr. and Sadie Belle Felker-Allen
Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother, 2 half-sisters
Home: 3505 Greenwood Avenue – Louisville, Kentucky
– St. Paul High School

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17th Ordnance Company

Bandych, Tec 4 Joseph S.

What is known about T/4 Joseph S. Bandych was born on July 30, 1921, to Bruno and Amelia Bandych. His father was a coal miner and the family resided at House #177 at the Glen Robbins Coal Company near Warren,

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17th Ordnance Company

Basham, T/Sgt. Charles E.

T/Sgt. Charles Elmer Basham
Born: 22 July 1919 – Kentucky
Parents: Thomas Basham and Mattie Hickeson-Basham
Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother
Home: 326 Bartles Bottom Road – Meade County, Kentucky
Education: Grade School
Occupation: sheet metal worker
– U.S.

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17th Ordnance Company

Baumgardt, Cpl. Henry V. Jr.

Cpl. Henry V. Baumgardt Jr.
Born: 8 March 1923 – Lafayette, Indiana
Parents: Henry V. Baumgardt Sr. and Meta Scharbara-Baumgardt
Siblings: 3 brothers, 1 sister
Home: 409 Asher Street, Lafayette, Indiana
– Ford Grade School
– Jefferson High School

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17th Ordnance Company

Baxter, Tec 5 Von H.

Tec 5 Von Haslem Baxter
Born: 7 March 1915 – Wellsville, Utah
Parents: Robert L. Baxter and Sarah Haslam-Baxter
Home: 691 East Center – Wellsville, Utah
Siblings: 4 sisters 2 brothers
– one brother died in 1939
Education: left high

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17th Ordnance Company

Beck, PFC Raymond G.

PFC Raymond George Beck
Born: 31 May 1917 – Russell, Russell County, Kansas
Parents: Frederick Beck and Margaret M. Deines-Beck
Siblings: 1 sister
Home: 535 East Third Street – Russell, Kansas
– Washburn College
Employed: Russell-Farmers State Bank

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17th Ordnance Company

Bernstein, Capt. Max M., M.D.

Capt. Max Martin Bernstein M.D.
Born: 30 September 1913 – Chicago, Illinois
Parents: Harry Berstein and Bella Schechtman-Bernstein
Siblings: 3 brothers, 2 sisters
Home: 4845 North Avers Avenue – Chicago, Illinois
– Roosevelt High School – Chicago, Illinois –

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17th Ordnance Company

Biddle, PFC William E.

What is known about PFC William Esco Biddle is that he was born on October 16, 1922, in Vincennes, Indiana. He was the youngest of three children born to Esco W. Biddle and Pearl Walker-Biddle. He grew up Clinton, Indiana,

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