Unit: 194th – MD

The names of members of the Medical Detachment of the 194th Tank Battalion.

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194th - MD

Allen, PFC Floyd T.

PFC Floyd Tilen Allen 
Born: 23 December 1919 – Saint Louis, Missouri 
Parents: Unknown 
Siblings: 1 sister 
Nickname: Tilen 
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri 
Occupation: Civilian Conservation Corps 
– U. S. Army 
– 12 October 1939 – Jefferson Barracks,

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194th - MD

Bartik, Pvt. Frederick P.

Pvt. Frederick P. Bartik
Born: October 1915 – Pasadena, California
Parents: Joseph and Marie Bartik
– his father died when he was 19 years old
Nickname: Fred
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers
Home: 877 Golden West – Monrovia, California

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194th - MD

Baugh, Pvt. David J.

What is known about David J. Baugh is that he was born on May 31, 1919, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Joseph and Abby Baugh. His parents divorced, in the 1920s, when he was a child, and with his sister and

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194th - MD

DeCloss, Cpl. Raymond N.

Cpl. Raymond N. DeCloss
Born: 20 August 1918 – Fresno County, California
Parents: Raymond E. DeCloss and Catherine A. Nolan-DeCloss
Siblings: 2 sisters, 2 brothers
Hometown: 21 Pajaro Street – Salinas, California
– California National Guard
Note: As a

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194th - MD

Dewberry, PFC Claude A.

PFC Claude Albert Dewberry
Born: 25 July 1915 – Virginia
Parents: Albert S. Dewberry and Katie Wilkinson-Dewberry
Siblings: 1 sister, 4 brothers
Home: Staunton River, Virginia
– U.S. Army
– 10 January 1940 – Raleigh, North Carolina

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194th - MD

Fancher, PFC John W.

PFC John W. Fancher 
Born: 11 July 1912 – Colorado 
Parents: Eldoras E. Fancher & Octavia Allere-Fancher 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers 
Hometown: Otero, Colorado 
Occupation: Farmhand 
– U.S. Army 
– 25 February 1941 
– Fort Lewis, Washington 

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194th - MD

Gatewood, S/Sgt. Roy A.

S/Sgt. Roy Albert Gatewood
Born: 7 July 1919 – Oakdale, Louisiana
Parents: Henry O. Gatewood & Floris M. Cornstock-Gatewood
Siblings: 2 sisters, 3 brothers
Hometown: Elijah, Missouri
– U.S. Army
– 16 September 1940 – Jefferson Barracks, Saint Louis,

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194th - MD

Gober, Cpl. George W.

Cpl. George William Gober was born on May 5, 1916, in Renfro, Mississippi to Joseph E. Gober and Willie Gee Nash-Gober. The couple had five other sons and four daughters. At some point, George moved to Powell County, Montana.


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194th - MD

Hickman, 1st Lt. Harold S.

1st Lt. Harold Samuel Hickman
Born: 15 January 1913 – Winnipeg, Canada
– naturalized citizen
Parents: Frederick W. Hickman and Susan M. Toynbee-Hickman
Siblings: 5 brothers, 1 sister
– sister died as an infant
Nickname: Harry
Home: 1467 East

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194th - MD

Hirst, PFC Robert W.

PFC Robert William Hirst 
Born: 1923 – Spokane, Washington 
Parents: Thomas Hirst and Roxana Phinney-Hirst 
Home: 533 Gordon Avenue – Spokane, Washington 
– later: Box 207, Oakville Washington
– 2 brothers
Education: grade school 
Married: Elleanor J Bushley –

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194th - MD

Joyce, PFC Thomas S.

PFC Thomas Stephen Joyce was born on December 23, 1918, to John & Anne Joyce in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is known that he lived at 619 Lindon Street in St. Paul and was called “Steve” by the members of

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194th - MD

Kurvers, PFC Harold G.

PFC Harold Gerhard Kurvers was the son of Nicholas Kurvers and Sarah O’Brien-Kurvers. He was born on May 18, 1918, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. While he was an infant, his mother died. His father and he moved in with his

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