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Abapo, Pvt. George L.

Pvt. George L. Abapo Born: 9 May 1911 - Philippine Islands Parents: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Hometown: San Francisco, California Enlisted: - U.S. Army- 27 February 1941 - San Francisco, California Training: - Fort Lewis, Washington Units:- 41st Infantry Division-...
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Abbott, S/Sgt. Carl F.

S/Sgt. Carl Frederic Abbott Born: 8 July 1907 - Soledad, California Parents: Bertha P. Mille-Abbott & Carl H. Abbott Siblings: 2 sisters, 3 brothers Home: 102 East Harvest Street - Salinas, California Occupation: Deputy Sheriff Enlisted: California National...
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Adair, S/Sgt. Winfred H.

S/Sgt. Winfred Horace Adair Born: 22 February 1917 - Vanderburgh County, Indiana Parents: Arthur E. Adair & Lulu Mays-Adair Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother - when he was a baby, he was put in an orphanage in Nashville, Tennessee - discovered his father was alive in...
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Adams, Pvt. Leonard M.

Pvt. Leonard Marvin Adams  Pvt. Leonard M. Adams was born on August 7, 1919, in Montague County, Texas, to Daniel W. Adams & Rosa Adams. With his three sisters and five brothers, he grew up in Texas and Anadarko, Oklahoma, and attended Fairview School in Anadarko,...
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Adams, Pvt. William E.

Pvt. William Eugene Adams Pvt. William E. Adams was born on February 9, 1919, in Larue County, Kentucky, to John and June Adams in Larue County, Kentucky. Like many others of the time, he left school after completing grammar school. It is known that he worked in...
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Adams, S/Sgt. Nevel C.

S/Sgt. Nevel C. Adams Born: 1 May 1907 - Madison County, Kentucky Parents: John L. Adams & Sallie Daugherty-Adams Siblings: 5 sisters, 3 brothers Hometown: Union City, Kentucky - 1930 - family lived in Gary, Indiana Married: Dorothy Residence: 205 Ravine Avenue,...
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Aguero, Pvt. Eduardo R.

Pvt. Eduardo R. Aguero Pvt. Eduardo R. Aguero was born in Texas in 1914. What is known is that he was living with his mother's parents, Francisco and Ygnes Flores in DeWitt County, Texas, 1920. Like many of the time, he never completed grade school. He married...
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Ahlgrim, Pvt. Melvin D.

Pvt. Melvin Donald Ahlgrim Born: 6 August 1913 - Brainerd, Minnesota Parents: Louis F. Ahlgrim & Alice Prentice-Ahlgrim Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers Home: 320 Fifth Street, Brainerd, Minnesota - grew up at 619 Seventh Street Occupation: janitor - movie...
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Aikin, Pvt. James T.

Pvt. James Taylor Aikin Born: 11 December 1926 - Hardin County, Kentucky Nickname: "Ted"  Parents: Samuel & Minola Aikin Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers Home: Hardin County, Kentucky Enlisted: - U.S. Army - 1941 -lied about his age - only fifteen years old...
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Ainsworth, Pfc. Robert S.

Pfc. Robert S. Ainsworth Pfc. Robert S. Ainsworth was born in Columbus, Ohio, in September 1918, and was one of two sons of David W. Ainsworth and Virgie Ainsworth. He lived at 2609 Elliott Avenue in Columbus, graduated from West High School in 1937, and worked as a...
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Alberg, Sgt. Lawrence R.

Sgt. Lawrence Robert Alberg Born: 21 October 1918 - Minnesota Parents: Emil R. Alberg & Clara Tollefson-Alberg Siblings: 1 sister, 1 half-brother Hometown: 312 5th Avenue Northwest - Brainerd, Minnesota Occupation: automotive mechanic Enlisted: Minnesota National...
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Albert, Pfc. Robert J.

Pfc. Robert J. Albert Born: 22 August 1918 - Michigan Mother: Angeline Gagnon Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Siblings: Not Known Inducted: - U.S. Army - Unknown Training: - Fort Lewis, Washington Units: - 194th Tank Battalion Note: On August 15, 1941, the 194th received...
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Aldred, Pvt. John B.

Pvt. John Byrne Aldred Pvt. John B. Aldred was born on June 20, 1918, to Alfred R. Aldred and Kathleen Byrne-Aldred. He was one of the couples' three sons. His family resided at 2312 Kentucky Street in Louisville, Kentucky. From 1924 - 1932 he attended St. Louis...
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Alford, Sgt. William C.

Sgt. William C. Alford was born on October 1, 1921, to George Alford and Sadie May Miller-Alford in Danville, Kentucky. He attended school from kindergarten through eighth grade in Danville, but for high school, he traveled to Burgin, Kentucky.In July 1939, he joined the Kentucky National Guard’s 38th Tank Company from Harrodsburg.

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Allen, Cpl. Fred J.

Cpl. Fred Joseph Allen Born: 17 April 1920 - Kentucky Parents: Lawrence J. Allen Sr. & Sadie Belle Felker-Allen Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother, 2 half-sisters Home: 3505 Greenwood Avenue - Louisville, Kentucky Education: - St. Paul High School - left...
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Allen, Cpl. John J.

Cpl. John Jay Allen Born: 24 October 1921 - Minneapolis, Minnesota Parents: Hiram Allen & Maybelle Shelrue-Allen Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers Hometown: 717 North Eighth Street - Brainerd, Minnesota Nickname: Jay Enlisted: Minnesota National Guard Inducted: - U....
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Allen, Cpl. William S.

Cpl. William Sherman Allen Born: 8 August 1918 - Union Star, Missouri Parents: William E. & Margaret Allen Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother Hometown: 6708 Kings Hill Avenue - Saint Joseph, Missouri Education: Benton High School - Class of 1936 - St. Joseph Junior...
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Allen, Pfc. Floyd T.

Pfc. Floyd Tilen Allen Born: 23 December 1919 - Saint Louis, Missouri Parents: Unknown Siblings: 1 sister Nickname: Tilen Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri Occupation: Civilian Conservation Corps Enlisted: - U. S. Army - 12 October 1939 - Jefferson Barracks, Missouri...
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Allen, Sgt. Albert L. Jr.

Sgt. Albert Leroy Allen Jr. Sgt. Albert L. Allen Jr. was born on February 26, 1920, in Mansfield, Ohio, and was the son of Albert L, Sr. and Beulah Allen and lived at 21 Linden Road in Mansfield. He was a 1938 graduate of Mansfield High School. Albert was attending...
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Allison, Pfc. Elkoney A.

Pfc. Elkoney Albert Allison Pfc. Elkoney A. Allison was the son of Thomas D. Allison & Etta C. Warren-Allison. He was born on November 25, 1916, in Baxter, Tennessee. He had three sisters, three brothers, and a half brother, and grew up in Putman County,...
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Altman, Capt. Jack C.

Capt. Jack Cary Altman Born: 1911 - Pitsburg County, Oklahoma Parents: Abram Altman & Nellie Mumaw-Altman - parents divorced - father married Maud Allison Residence: McAlister, Oklahoma Siblings: 1 half-sister, 3 brothers Education: Oklahoma Military Academy -...
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Alves, Cpl. John F. Jr.

Cpl. John F. Alves Jr. Born: 12 June 1918 - Fresno County, California Parents: John F. Alves Sr. & Amelia Alves Siblings: 2 sisters Home: Fresno County, California Occupation: farmer Enlisted: California National Guard Inducted:- U. S. Army - 10 February 1941 -...
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Anderson, Cpl. John N.

Cpl. John Norman Anderson Born: 12 October 1918 - IllinoisParents: Mr. & Mrs. Robert AndersonHome: 407 California Street - Salinas, CaliforniaEnlisted: California National GuardInducted:- U. S. Army- 10 February 1941 - Salinas Army Air BaseTraining:- Fort Lewis,...
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Anderson, Pfc. Crate D.

Pfc. Crate Davis Anderson Pfc. Crate D. Anderson was born on August 26, 1921, in Yellow Creek, North Carolina, to Edmund Anderson and Zena Hall-Anderson. With his sister, he grew up in Yellow Creek. When he was eight, his mother died. He left school after completing...
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Anderson, Sgt. Leroy C.

Sgt. Leroy Clark Anderson Sgt. Leroy C. Anderson was the son of Erwin and Emma Anderson and was born on April 7, 1918. He was raised in a house that his father built at 623 Briody Street in Burlington, Wisconsin. When he was a child, his mother died and his father...

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