Roster: Zentsuji

Primary Slave Labor Use: Stevedores at Sakaide Rail Yards and the Port of Takamatsu (Nippon Express Co.)

Note: The camp was a “show camp” for propaganda purposes. Contained mostly officers plus enlisted ranks from Guam & Wake Island.

Miller E1
194th - HQ Co.

Miller, Lt. Col. Ernest B.

Lt. Col. Ernest Brumaghim MillerBorn: 15 September 1898 – Gloversville, New YorkParents: George Miller & Adelaide Brumaghim-MillerHome: 523 Holly Street – Brainerd, MinnesotaWorld War I:Married:

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17th Ordnance Company

LaBoon, 1st Lt. Fred P.

1st Lt. Fred Phillip LaBoonBorn: 28 September 1915 – Chickasha, OklahomaParents: Wade H. LaBoon & Mae E. Folsom-LaBoonSiblings: 4 sisters, 3 brothersHometown: Chickasha, Oklahoma– father

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Johnson Lymon
194th - HQ Co.

Johnson, Capt. Lyman E.

Capt. Lyman Edward JohnsonBorn: 27 June 1901 – Pajaro, CaliforniaParents: G. L. Johnson & Frances Heatherington-JohnsonSiblings: 1 sisterHometown: Salinas, CaliforniaNickname: EddieMarried: Irma Lyle Trimingham –

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194th Tank Battalion

Hummel, 2nd Lt. John J.

2nd Lt. John Jacob HummelBorn: 11 December 1917 – Mayfield, WashingtonParents: Jasper Hummel & Sada Mayfield-HummelInducted: UnknownEducation: left school after his junior year joined the

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194th - HQ Co.

Spoor, Capt. Ferris G.

Capt. Ferris Grable SpoorBorn: 9 April 1910 – Valley Falls, KansasParents: Albemarle L. Spoor & Martha Frances Grable-Spoor Siblings: 4 sisters, 1 brother Education:– Central High School

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194th - A Co.

Swearingen, 2nd Lt. Russell L.

2nd Lt. Russell Leroy SwearingenBorn: 27 June 1914 – Groton, South DakotaParents: William Swearingen & Cora Carper-SwearingenSiblings: 3 sisters, 5 brothersMarried: Eleanor H. Palmer –

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