Hell Ship: Clyde Maru


Allen, 2nd Lt. John H. Jr.

2nd Lt. John Henry Allen
Born: 28 June 1917 – Minnesota
Parents: John H. Allen Sr. and Rose Bollman-Allen
Siblings: 1 brother
Home: 225 Charles Street – Saint Paul, Minnesota
– Central High School – St. Paul, Minnesota

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Basham, T/Sgt. Charles E.

T/Sgt. Charles Elmer Basham
Born: 22 July 1919 – Kentucky
Parents: Thomas Basham and Mattie Hickeson-Basham
Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother
Home: 326 Bartles Bottom Road – Meade County, Kentucky
Education: Grade School
Occupation: sheet metal worker
– U.S.

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Bensing, Cpl. Elmer J. Jr.

Cpl. Elmer John Bensing Jr. was the son of Elmer J. Bensing Sr and Lenore Wilson-Bensing and was born on December 12, 1918, in Louisville, Kentucky. With his three younger brothers and two younger sisters, he resided at 1452 South

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Blair, Pvt Joe D.

Pvt. Joe Daniel Blair 
Born: 14 October 1916 – Stone County, Missouri 
Parents: Andrew J. Blair and Lennie L. Kirkendall-Blair 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 7 brothers 
Hometown: Galena, Missouri 
Education: left high school after three years 
Occupation: worked on the family

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Brown, Cpl. Alpheus W.

Cpl. Alpheus Ward Brown
Born: 23 August 1919 – Orleans, Iowa
Parents: William H. Brown and Lois O. Edwards-Brown
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers
Lived: Superior, Iowa – 1930
Hometown: Lake Hubert, Minnesota
– living with his two brothers

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Buggs, PFC Lester R.

PFC Lester Raymond Buggs was the son of Emil A. Buggs and Helen Ohl-Buggs. He was born on October 1, 1918, and grew up at 618 South Academy Street in Janesville, Wisconsin. He was employed as a linesman for the

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Chumley, PFC George E.

PFC George Everett Chumley was born on May 24, 1921, to Wiley Chumley and Lola Taylor-Chumley, and was known as “Everett” to his family. It is known he had two sisters and a brother and grew up on Greenville Street

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Coats, Pvt. Wallace H.

Pvt. Wallace Herman Coats was born on February 27, 1918, in Birdwell, Texas. He was the son of Mattie F. Cline-Coats and Wallace O. Coats. With his sister, he grew up outside of Ryan, Oklahoma, on the family farm and

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Cook, Pvt. Robert S.

Pvt. Robert Stellers Cook
Born: 23 October 1910 – Arkansas
Mother: Robert L. Cook and Mable Lipsey-Cook
Siblings: 1 sister, 2 brothers
Home: 629 East Block Street – El Dorado, Arkansas
– grew up in Magnolia, Arkansas
– U.S.

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Cope, Tec 5 Artie P.

T/5 Artie Perry Cope
Born: 17 October 1917 – Arkansas
Parents: Robert J. Cope and Florence Shields-Cope
Siblings: 2 sisters, 6 brothers
– father passed away on March 18, 1931
Hometown: Greenwood, Arkansas
– moved to California sometime during 1940

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Cravens, Pvt. Maynard

Pvt. Maynard Cravens was born on October 16, 1918, in Booneville, Kentucky, to William D. Cravens and Mary Belle Jaaggers-Cravens. With his sister and two brothers, he grew up in Hart County, Kentucky. He also had four half-sisters and four

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DuBois, Pvt. Albert J.

Pvt. Albert Joseph DuBois was born on January 16, 1918, in St. Paul, Minnesota, to Peter and Philamoine DuBois. While a child, Albert’s father passed away, and his mother remarried and the family moved to Webster, Wisconsin. After he finished

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