Roster: Died From Injuries

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Clausen, Ens. Henry Jr.

Ens. Henry Clausen Jr. Born: 19 January 1921 – Oak Park, Illinois Parents: Henry Clausen Sr. and Clarabel Barker-Clausen Hometown: – 818 North Fifth Avenue, Maywood, Illinois Education:

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Provisional Tank Group

Sallee, Sgt. Heze F.

Sgt. Heze Franklin Sallee was born on June 14, 1920, to Hez Sallee and Sally Cunningham-Sallee in Mercer County, Kentucky. His given name was Hezekiah.

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Provisional Tank Group

Dery, Sgt. Roger C.

Sgt. Roger C. Dery was born on November 17, 1917, in Bear Creek, Wisconsin, to Rosmer G. Dery and Lydia Schoelkoph-Dery. His father was French-Canadian

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Provisional Tank Group

Delano, PFC Prospero P.

PFC Prospero P. Delano was born in 1916 in New York City to Thomas Delano and Rose Montelone-Delano. With his two sisters and brother, he

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