Roster: Hoten Camp

192nd - HQ Co.

Hubbard, PFC Robert R.

PFC Robert Ray Hubbard was the son of Mr. & Mrs. George Lindsey and was born on February 20, 1919, and grew up in Evansville, Wisconsin. When he was a child, his mother put him, his brother and his sisters

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192nd - D Co.

Hopper, Sgt. Aaron C.

Sgt. Aaron Clyde Hopper was born on January 25, 1918, in Carroll County, Tennessee, to Allen P. Hopper and Effie J. Pendergrass-Hopper, and lived in Carroll County with his four sisters and two brothers. He was known as “Clyde” to

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17th Ordnance Company

Sheppard, PFC William J.

PFC William Julian Sheppard 
Born: 12 August 1910 – West River Township, Randolph County, Indiana 
Hometown: Route 2, Lyman, Indiana  
Parents: William Z. Sheppard & Celina F. Gaddis-Sheppard  
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers  
Selective Service Registration: 16 October 1940 

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192nd - MD

Graf, Pvt. Albert J.

Pvt. Albert James Graf
Born: 17 December 1916 – Saint Paul, Minnesota
Parents: Barbara Rothenbach-Graf & John B. Graf
– father died when he was eight years old
Hometown: South St. Paul, Minnesota
Siblings: 6 brothers, 7 sisters
Nickname: Spikes

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192nd - D Co.

Garcia, Cpl. Ernest

Cpl. Ernest Garcia
Born: 7 November 1915 – Monterrey, Mexico
Parents: Mike & Mary Garcia
Siblings: 1 sister, 1 step-brother
– 227 West 17th Street – Port Arthur, Texas
Occupation: lumberyard worker
– U. S. Army
– 18

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194th - HQ Co.

Gamboa, Sgt. Jacob S.

Sgt. Jacob Sabino Gamboa 
Born: 30 August 1908 – King City, California 
Parents: Jacob B. Gamboa & Jeannie Ruis-Gamboa 
Siblings: 1 brother, 5 sisters 
Home: 211 Front Street – Salinas, California 
Enlisted: California National Guard 
– 1931
Selective Service Registration:

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192nd - D Co.

Simpson, Sgt. Judson D.

Sgt. Judson David Simpson was born on March 7, 1921, in Washington County, Kentucky. He was one of the six children of George & Catherine Simpson and worked on his family’s farm. Judson joined the Kentucky National Guard and was

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192nd - D Co.

Fowler, PFC Earl W.

PFC Earl William Fowler
Born: 1 January 1917 – Washington County, Kentucky
Parents: Richard Clifton Fowler & Myrtle Moore-Fowler
Siblings: 1 sister, 2 brothers
Cousin: Birchell Keeling
Hometown: Burgin, Kentucky
Occupation: farmworker
Enlisted: Kentucky National Guard
Inducted: U. S. Army

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194th - C Co.

Elliott, Pvt. Leon A.

Pvt. Leon Athan Elliott
Born: Leonidas Athans Eliopoulos – 19 August 1917 – Oakland, California
– father legally changed his last name
Parents: Athans Eliopoulos & Antigone Xonoulos-Eliopoulos
Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers
– grew up in Prunedale, California

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17th Ordnance Company

Elliott, T/Sgt. Jack L.

T/Sgt. Jack L. Elliott
Born: 22 December 1919 – West Virginia
Parents: William J. Elliott & Mollie L. Elliott
Siblings: 1 sister, 2 brothers
Home: 1631 East Weber Road – Columbus, Ohio
– U.S. Army
– 1941

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192nd - HQ Co.

Cox, Pvt. Woodrow T.

Pvt. Woodrow Tyndale Cox was the son of Stephen Cox and Annie Cox and born on December 25, 1918. He was one of the couple’s four children. Woody, as he was known to his family, grew up in Tishomingo, Oklahoma,

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192nd - C Co.

Chaffin, PFC Charles P.

PFC Charles Pershing Chaffin was born on December 18, 1919, and was one of five children born to William H. Chaffin and Amelia Chaffin. With his two brothers, he grew up at 322 Perry Street in Port Clinton, Ohio, and

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