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HQ Co., 194th Tank Battalion

Commanding Officer

Lt. Col. Ernest B. Miller* 

Executive Officer

Maj. Charles S. Canby*


Capt. Lyman E. Johnson*  Capt. Clinton D. Quinlen*2nd Lt. Lawrence S. Schoeneck*
Capt. John S. Muir*Capt. Ferris G. Spoor*

To C Company, 192nd Tank Battalion

1st Lt. William L Cockrum

HQ Co., 194th

Pvt. George L. AbapoPvt. Luther D. Hall*PFC Willard E. Hall*

To D Co., 192nd

Capt. Jack C. Altman2nd Lt. Alfred J. Herbold*★
1st Lt. Harvey F. Rice2nd Lt. John J. Hummel

To Provisional Tank Group

2nd Lt. Daniel J. Beyer2nd Lt. Harry B. Black

HQ Co., Commanding Officer

Capt. John C. Riley Jr.*

HQ Co.

 1st. Lt. John T. Furby1st Lt. Charles A.  Fleming*2nd Lt. Edwin C. Miller
2nd Lt. Ralph E. Crandall*
PFC Robert J. AlbertPvt. Gerald D. FoleyCpl. Harlin Owens*
Cpl. William S. Allen*Cpl. James D. Fox*PFC Paul A. Paden*
Cpl. John R. AtwellPvt. Carl H. FranklinSgt. Ralph L. Parker*
Cpl. Francis E. Aram*Sgt. Jacob S. Gamboa*Pvt. William A. Peart Jr.
Sgt. Joseph E. Aram*Pvt. Wayne S. George Jr*Pvt. Claire A. Pickel Jr*
Cpl. Milton BakerPFC Noah C. Heard*Cpl. Noel M. Ravneberg
Tec 5 Harry F. BarkerPFC Harry D. HeikkilaTec 5 Donald J. Reilly*
Sgt. Howard C. BarryPFC Eugene T. HoglundPvt. Joseph W. Ripley
Tec 5 Ingwell V. BartlesonPvt. Raymond E. Hopkins*Tec 5 James H. Robertson
M/Sgt. Floyd W. Bickmore*T/5 Eldon L. IngebretsonPvt. Thomas J. Roche*
Pvt. Joe D. BlairPvt. Edward A. James Jr.1st Sgt. Charles W. Rockwell*
PFC John H. BlomquistCpl. Arnold S. JohnsonPFC Clarence E. Roedell*
Pvt. Kenneth BooherPvt. Lawrence D. KachmarekTec 5 John A. Rohmer*
Pvt. Henry D. BordnerPFC Otto R. KaferPvt. Saul Rubenstein
M/Sgt. William G. Boyd*Cpl. Edward M. King*PFC James A. Sapp*
Pvt. Adam T. BoysenPvt. Robert W. King*Sgt. Harold E. Schenk*
Cpl. Philip S. Brain Jr.Sgt. Walter C. King*PFC Michael W. Schiltz*
Cpl. Hugh E. BranchSgt. Hugh P. KissingerSgt. Gerald W. Schlosser*
Tec 5 Alvin C. BrodPvt. Clayton C. Klein*Pvt. Gerald P. Shapley*
Tec 5 Robert A. BrownCpl. Frank G. Knapp*Pvt. Robert I. Shultz*
Pvt. Ralph H. BuchananPFC Delbert J. KohlerSgt. George F. Simmons
Tec 5 Corbin N. BuellPvt. Alexander R. KopekPvt. Zoeth P. Skinner*
Cpl. Ethan H. Campbell*T/Sgt. Augusta R. Krause Jr.*Pvt. Charles R. Smith Jr.*
Sgt. Charles C. Chop T/Sgt. Allan D. Lang*Pvt. James H. Smith*
Pvt. George A. Christy*T/Sgt. Sidney G. Lang*PFC Joseph L. Smith
Pvt. Anton E. CichyTec 5 John P. LawsonCpl. Warren B. Smith Jr.*
Tec 4 Lloyd O. Cole*Pvt. Brenton D. LeBlancPFC John D. Stehwien Jr.
Pvt. Frank H. CondonSgt. Hubert H. Long*PFC John L. Striplin
Pvt. Earl T. CovyeowSgt. Gerald J. LundquistT/Sgt. Clarence H. Thomas*
Tec 5 Artie P. Cope*Sgt. Marvin J. Lyon*PFC John W. Thompson*
Tec 4 Robert I. Cox*Pvt. Robert MacDonaldPvt. Winfield J. Thompson
Sgt. Walter L. Daffron Jr.*Sgt. John D. Marshall*PFC Philip B. Tripp
Pvt. Claude C. DanforthPvt. Clayton M. MillerPvt. Jack W. Tucker*
Pvt. Eugene L. DavidsonPvt. Guy O. MillerPvt. Willis C. Vincent
Cpl. Clelan A. Dewey*Pvt. Robert L. Miller*Pvt. Ira Warren
Tec 5 Kenneth W. EighmePFC Albin M. MilstenPFC Roy V. Wehrkamp
Pvt. Dan D. Emery*Tec 5 Mario MirkoTec 5 Glenn L. White
S/Sgt. Charles E. Emlay*PFC Emery O. Monroe*Pvt. Ralph C. Williford*
Tec 4 Robert E. Emlay*PFC Manuel F. Ortez*Pvt. Harry G. Wortman
Sgt. Howell A. EmleyTec 5 Robert E. Overstreet*PFC Louis J. W. Yager*
Pvt. Marvin N. Everts* PFC Roland G. Zweber

* National Guardsman – National Guardsmen from other states joined the 194th as it prepared to go overseas.
Died in Service

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