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B Co., 192nd Tank Battalion


Provisional Tank Group

Sgt. Norman F. Spencer*Cpl. William E. Burns Jr.*

Staff, Headquarters Company, 192nd Tank Battalion

Lt. Col. Theodore F. Wickord*Capt. Ruben H. Schwass *

HQ Co., 192nd

Capt. Donald L. Hanes*1st. Lt. Emmett F. Gibson*2nd Lt. Jacques V. Merrifield*
 2nd Lt. Richard E. Danca* 
S/Sgt. Richard C. Armato*Sgt. John O. Hopple*T/5 Fred W. Lovering Jr.*
Pvt. Emery B. Boardman*T/4 William P. Hullihan*S/Sgt. Walter J. Mahr*
Sgt. Lewis H. Brittan*Cpl. Fred A. Jannisch Jr.*T/Sgt. Arthur C. McArthur Jr.*
Pvt. Martin W. Camfferman Jr.*Sgt. Frank Jendrysik*Pvt. Frederick G. Schweinsberg*
Cpl. George E. Dravo*PFC Harry Jerele*1st Sgt. William L. Swift*
Sgt. Ralph A. Ellis*Cpl. Harry A. King*Pvt. John D. Swinehamer*
Sgt. Jack J. Griswold*Sgt. Edward Lyle Kolb*Cpl. Russell H. Vertuno*
PFC William A. Hauser* PFC Lester O. Watson*

To A Company

2nd Lt.  Arthur A. Holland*

To C Company

2nd Lt. Donald R. Bertrand*

From C Company

Capt. Robert S. Sorensen*2nd Lt. Harvey A. Jennings

From Provisional Tank Group

2nd Lt. Harry B. Black

B Company

1st Lt. Willie S. Heard Jr.2nd Lt. Ben R. Morin*2nd Lt. William  H. Slicer Jr.*
2nd Lt. Matthew S. MacDowell*2nd Lt. Thomas S. Savage*2nd Lt. Edward G. Winger *
Pvt. Elkoney A. AllisonPvt. Thomas H. GarlandSgt. Raymond P. Mason*
Pvt. Andrew J. AquilaPvt. Carl E. GarrCpl. John L. Massimino*
Pvt. John AvilaPvt. J. C. GarrettPvt. Francis I. McGuire
Sgt. James A. Bainbridge Jr.*Cpl. Erwin A. Glasenapp*Pvt. Alexander Mueller*
S/Sgt. John E. Ball*T/4 Frank GoldsteinPvt. Orrie T. Mulholland*
Sgt. Zenon R. Bardowski*Sgt. Norman W. Goodman*Pvt. Harry J. Noworul
Sgt. James P. Bashleben*Pvt. Alexander Gorr*Pvt. William F. Oldaker
PFC Harold C. BeckerPvt. Richard W. Graff Pvt. Robert V. Parr
Pvt. James A. Bird*Sgt. James W. GriffinPvt. Elmore W. Pattison
Pvt. Daniel J. Boni*1st/Sgt. Roger J. Heilig*Pvt. Clemath S. Peppers
Sgt. Robert E. Bronge*T/5 Kenneth A. HeinrichT/5 Charles A. Peterson*
Cpl. Laprade D. Brown*Pvt. Joseph P. HendersonS/Sgt. Robert E. Peterson*
PFC Frank A. Byars*T/4 Andrew Hepburn*Pvt. John M. Pimperal
Cpl. James A. Cahill*Pvt. Charles A. HeuelPvt. Edward F. Plodzien*
Cpl. John P. Cahill*S/Sgt. Warren A. Hildebrandt*Pvt. Henry A. Rusch*
PFC Charles A. CarterPvt. Quincey A. HumphriesPvt. Lawrence M. Sears*
Sgt. Walter F. Cigoi*S/Sgt. Willard D. Jennings*T/5 Ralph R. Shaffer
Pvt. Wallace H. CoatsPvt. Bernard W. JohnsonPvt. Edrow F. Singletary
Cpl. Albert H. Cornils*Sgt. Lawrence J. Jordan*Pvt. Earl M. Squyres
T/5 Charles L. Corr Jr.PFC William J. Kerins*Pvt. John T. Strompolis*
Pvt. Harley W. CoulterSgt. William A. Kindell*Pvt. Michael Swartz*
PFC Henry J. Deckert*Pvt. Herbert J. Kirchhoff Jr.*Pvt. Rogers L. Taylor
Cpl. Edward G. DepaSgt. Steve Kodaj*Pvt. Lester I. Tenenberg*
T/5 Donald A. Dettmer*T/4 Joseph S. Kwiatkowski*T/5 Arthur G. Van Pelt
S/Sgt. Albert T. Edwards*Pvt. Joseph D. LajzerSgt. Raymond J. Vandenbroucke*
Pvt. James E. Edwards*Pvt. Harold D. Lane*PFC Paul H. Vetter
PFC Clyde D. Ehrhardt*Pvt. Raymond A. LorenzSgt. Willard W. Von Bergen*
Pvt. P. Z. EldridgePFC Carl A. Maggio*Pvt. Louie L. Webb
Pvt. Felix FloresPvt. LD MarrsPvt. Michael S. Wepsiec*
Sgt. Nicholas F. Fryziuk*Pvt. Wallace R. MarstonPvt. Joseph L. Wisniowski
PFC Steve G. Gados Jr*Cpl. Robert J. Martin*Pvt. Louis C. Zelis
Pvt. Camilo Martinez 

* National Guardsman

Died in Service

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