Roster: May 10, 2019

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194th - HQ Co.

Ingebretson, Tec 5 Eldon L.

T/5 Eldon Leroy Ingebretson was born on October 5, 1915, in Prosper, North Dakota, to Emil Ingebretson and Jenny Anderson-Ingebretson. His parents divorced and his

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17th Ordnance Company

Jackson, PFC Lawrence E.

PFC Lawrence E. Jackson was born on January 8, 1918, in Centre County, Pennsylvania, to George F. Jackson and Annie Rhine-Jackson. With his two sisters

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194th - C Co.

Jaramillo, Pvt. David R.

Pvt. David Rodriquez Jaramillo was born on July 22, 1921, in California to Manuel Jaramillo and Margarita Rodriquez-Jaramillo. It is known that his parents divorced.

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192nd - D Co.

Jeffries, Pvt. Ira L.

Pvt. Ira Lee Jeffries was born on June 12, 1920, in Little Levels, West Virginia, to Millard F. Jefferies and Virginia S. Trainer-Jeffries. With his

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17th Ordnance Company

Jemenko, Pvt. Frank T.

Pvt. Frank T. Jemenko was born on February 25, 1922, in Lake County, Indiana, to Carl Jemenko and Stella Misniewicz-Jemenko. With his two sisters and

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192nd - HQ Co.

Jendrysik, Sgt. Frank

Sgt. Frank Jendrysik was born on August 20, 1917, in Chicago, Illinois, to Andrew Jendrysik and Lekla Brzorza-Jendrysik, who were Polish immigrants. He was the

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