Roster: May 10, 2019

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192nd - HQ Co.

Jerele, PFC Harry

PFC Harry Jerele was born to Leo and Mary Jerele on February 1, 1916, in Clinton, Iowa. Harry was one of the seven children born

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194th - A Co.

Jesser, Pvt. Robert E.

Pvt. Robert E. Jesser was born on July 23, 1924, in Ohio, to Philip E. Jesser and Martha Schelpp-Jesser. With his two brothers and sister,

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Johnson Lymon
194th - HQ Co.

Johnson, Capt. Lyman E.

Capt. Lyman Edward Johnson was born on June 27, 1901, in Pajaro, California, to G. L. Johnson and Frances Heatherington-Johnson. It is known he had

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194th - HQ Co.

Johnson, Cpl. Arnold S.

Cpl. Arnold Sherman Johnson was born on January 30, 1918, in Roslyn, South Dakota, to Peter Johnson and Elenora Sunford-Johnson. With his sister and two

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192nd - B Co.

Johnson, Pvt. Bernard W.

Pvt. Bernard Willard Johnson was born on November 11, 1918, to Joseph M. Johnson and Mary E. Martin-Johnson in Wellsville, Ohio. With his two brothers,

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192nd - D Co.

Johnson, Pvt. Otha

Pvt. Otha Johnson was born on December 9, 1913, in Paducah, Kentucky, to George E. Johnson and Lola C. Jones-Johnson. With his two sisters and

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17th Ordnance Company

Johnson, Pvt. Shelby

Pvt. Shelby Johnson was born on November 11, 1923, in Grayson County, Kentucky, to James H. Johnson and Bertha Hayes-Johnson. He grew up on Brownsville

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192nd - A Co.

Johnson, Pvt. Vernon A.

Pvt. Vernon Alton Johnson was born on August 17, 1919, to John C. Johnson and Anna Lockert-Johnson in Grantsburg, Wisconsin. With his four brothers and

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17th Ordnance Company

Johnson, T/Sgt. Euclid A.

T/Sgt. Euclid Audelle Johnson was born on January 4, 1918, in McCracken County, Kentucky, to Carlyle Johnson and Bonnie M. Burchett-Johnson. With his sister, he

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17th Ordnance Company

Schletterer, Pvt. Raymond H.

Pvt. Raymond Herman Schletterer was born on September 4, 1913, in Painted Post, New York, to Raymond J. Schletterer and Elizabeth Schaner-Schletterer. With his two

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