Roster: Oeyama Camp

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192nd - C Co.

Prater, Pvt. Lacy L.

Pvt. Lacy Lonzo Prater was born on August 10, 1914, in Floyd County, Kentucky, to William B. Prater and Rhoda Blakinship-Prater. He and his four

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192nd - A Co.

Richter. Pvt. Lloyd J.

Pvt. Lloyd James Richter was born on July 29, 1913, in Marshall, Minnesota, to Edward Richter and Rose Schoell-Richter. He was known as “James” to

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192nd - C Co.

Riedmiller, Pvt. Charles G.

Pvt. Charles Gerard Riedmiller was born on May 15, 1917, in Columbus, Ohio, to Frederick Riedmiller and Catherine Marie Taylor-Riedmiller. He was known as “Chuck”

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194th - HQ Co.

Simmons, Sgt. George F.

Sgt. George Faunsua Simmons Born: 14 July 1915 – New Mexico Parents: John A. Simmons and Maud I. Dishman-Simmons Siblings: 3 sisters, 6 brothers – one sister died as

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192nd - C Co.

Everett, PFC Charles E.

PFC Charles Elbert Everett was born on April 1, 1915, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, to Clifford E. Everett and Laura E. Stowell-Everett. In 1920, his sister

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194th - A Co.

Duby, 1st Lt. Ralph W.

1st Lt. Ralph William Duby Born: 31 December 1917 – Mason County, Washington Parents: William A. Duby & Hazel Putts-Duby Siblings: 2 brothers Home: 316 North 76th Street –

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17th Ordnance Company

Colvin, Pvt. Wayne W.

Pvt. Wayne Wilbur ColvinBorn: 17 January 1908 – Waterloo, IowaParents: Archie B. Colvin and Maude McIntyre-ColvinSiblings: 1 brother– the family moved to Wyoming in 1917Hometown:

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192nd - HQ Co.

Tucker, Pvt. Walter L.

Pvt. Walter L. Tucker was born to Erie Thomas Tucker and Jerusha Emiline Fields-Tucker on January 29, 1921, in the town of Carbon in Eastland

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