Hell Ship: Nagato Maru


Moczarny, Pvt. Joseph A.

Pvt. Joseph Andrew Moczarny was born on September 18, 1913, in Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin, to Antoni Moczarny and Victoria Katarzyna-Moczarny who were Polish immigrants. He

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McGill, Pvt. Raymond H.

Pvt. Raymond Hayden McGillBorn: 12 July 1920 – Caddo County, OklahomaParents: Joseph A. McGill and Callie Thomas-McGillSiblings: 1 sister, 2 brothersHome: 1105 North 9th Street

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Krause, T/Sgt Agusta R. Jr.

T/Sgt. Agusta R. Krause Born: 1919 – Missouri Parents: Augusta R. Krause Sr. & Alma Shewmaker-Krause Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother Nickname: Ray Hometown: – Saint Joseph, Missouri Education: – Central High School

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Aikin, Pvt. James T.

Pvt. James Taylor Aikin Born: 11 December 1925 – Garnettsville, Kentucky  Nickname: “Ted”  Parents: Samuel B. Aikin Sr. and Minola McCoy-Aikin  Siblings: 3 sisters, 2

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Anness, Sgt. Elzie E.

Sgt. Elzie Elworth Anness was born on August 4, 1921, in Springtown, Kentucky, to Omar W. Anness and Margaret Harlowe-Anness, and was raised, with his

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Atwell, Cpl. John R.

Cpl. John Rawlins Atwell Born: 13 April 1905 – Fort Dodge, Iowa Parents: Rawlins P. Atwell and Gertrude W. Duncombe-Atwell Siblings: 4 sisters, 1 brother Home: Fort Dodge, Iowa Enlisted: –

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