Unit: 194th – C Co.

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The men of the 194th Tank Battalion, Company C, which originated as the 40th Divisional Tank Company of the California National Guard from Salinas, California.

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194th - C Co.

Cunningham, Sgt. Russell E.

Sgt. Russell E. Cunningham
Born: 11 March 1921 – Alameda County, California
Parents: Grant E. Cunningham and Ruth Bence-Cunnigham
Siblings: 2 brothers
Home: 325 Hawthorne Street – Alisal, California
Occupation: delivered flowers for a florist
– Salinas High School

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194th - C Co.

DeGottardi, PFC Edward C.

PFC Edward Clemente DeGottardi was born on August 14, 1909, in Santa Monica, California, to Patrick and Adelina DeGottardi. When he was four, his family moved to Salinas, California, where he grew up at 1045 Ridder Avenue with his sister

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194th - C Co.

Diaz, PFC Royden L.

PFC Royden Louis Diaz was born to Ben & Ida Diaz on October 23, 1916, in Monterey County, California, and was of Spanish and Portuguese descent. He lived in Monterey for the first five years of his life until the

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194th - C Co.

Dolk, Cpl. Myron E.

Cpl. Myron Ellsworth Dollk was born on August 1, 1918, to Sam A. and Mable M. Dolk in Bismarck, North Dakota. He was known as “Mickey” to his family. His parents, who were from Iowa, returned there and resided in

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Eaton Henry
194th - C Co.

Eaton, Cpl. Orrin H.

Cpl. Orrin Henry Eaton
Born: 20 April 1918 – Watsonville, California
Parents: Cecilia Penich-Eaton and Orrin O. Eaton
Siblings: 4 sisters
Nickname: Hank or Henry
Hometown: PO Box 639 – Watsonville, California
– lived on San Juan Road in the

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194th - C Co.

Eckert, Tec 4 Allen W.

T/4 Allen Woodrow Eckert
Born: 6 January 1919 – Hartford, Connecticut
Parents: Herman Eckert and Ebba Blomquist-Eckert
Home: 69 Greenwood Street – East Hartford, Connecticut
Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother
Education: East Hartford High School
– left school
Civilian Conservation

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194th - C Co.

Elliott, Pvt. Leon A.

Pvt. Leon Athan Elliott
Born: Leonidas Athans Eliopoulos – 19 August 1917 – Oakland, California
– father legally changed his last name
Parents: Athans Eliopoulos and Antigone Xonoulos-Eliopoulos
Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers
– grew up in Prunedale, California

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194th - C Co.

Emlay, Tec 4 Robert E.

T/4 Robert Eugene Emlay
Born: 5 August 1921 – Alameda, California
Parents: Fred O. Emlay and Agnes Molina-Emlay
Siblings: 3 brothers, 1 sister
Brother: S/Sgt. Charles E. Emlay
Hometown: Alameda, California
Enlisted: California National Guard
Selective Service Registration: 16 October

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194th - C Co.

Errington, S/Sgt. Joe P.

S/Sgt. Joe Philip Errington was born on August 27, 1918, in Compton, California, to John Errington and Jenny Alice Thomas-Errington. It is known he had two sisters and five brothers, and the family lived in San Antonio, California and later

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194th - C Co.

Errington, Sgt. Richard L.

Sgt. Richard L. Errington was born on July 23, 1920, to John Errington and Jenny Alice Thomas-Errington in Compton, California. He was the fifth child of the couple’s seven children. As a child, he grew up in San Antonio, California,

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194th - C Co.

Fitzgibbons, PFC Handren K.

PFC Handren Karl Fitzgibbons 
Born: 29 April 1919 – Gonzales, California 
Parents: Thomas E. Fitzgibbons & Constance I. Young-Fitzgibbons 
Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother 
Nickname: “Karl”  
– did not like his first name – Handren 
– preferred Karl be used

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Fleener James
194th - C Co.

Fleener, PFC James H.

PFC James Herbert Fleener 
Born: 16 September 1919 – Grenola, Kansas 
Parents: Edgar Fleener and Daisy Dean-Fleener 
Siblings: 1 brother 
Hometown: Greenfield, Kansas 
– He moved to Salinas after 1935 
Home: 1105 Old Stage Road – Salinas, California 
Enlisted: California

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