Hell Ship: Taikoku Maru


Ahlgrim, Pvt. Melvin D.

Pvt. Melvin Donald Ahlgrim
Born: 6 August 1913 – Brainerd, Minnesota
Parents: Louis F. Ahlgrim & Alice Prentice-Ahlgrim
Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers
Home: 320 Fifth Street, Brainerd, Minnesota
– grew up at 619 Seventh Street
Occupation: janitor – movie

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DeGottardi, PFC Edward C.

PFC Edward Clemente DeGottardi was born on August 14, 1909, in Santa Monica, California, to Patrick and Adelina DeGottardi. When he was four, his family moved to Salinas, California, where he grew up at 1045 Ridder Avenue with his sister

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Durr, Pvt. James W.

Pvt. James William Durr was born on April 2, 1919, in Mercer County, Kentucky, to Ernest Durr and Grace Drury-Durr, and with his three sisters and brother, he grew up on Beaumont Road in Mercer County. He was known as

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Fancher, PFC John W.

PFC John Walter Fancher 
Born: 11 July 1912 – Swink, Colorado 
Parents: Eldoras E. Fancher and Octavia Allere-Fancher 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers 
Hometown: RFD  #1 Lajunta, Otero County, Colorado 
Occupation: Holly Sugar Company – Swink, Colorado
Selective Service Registration:

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Lundquist, Sgt. Gerald J.

Sgt. Gerald J. Lundquist
Born: 2 March 1915 – South Dakota
Parents: Clarence & Naomi Lundquist
Hometown: 19 North Main Street – Aberdeen, South Dakota
Education: Northern State College – Aberdeen, South Dakota
– Class of 1938
– 543

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Reno, Pvt. William C. Jr.

Pvt. William Charles Reno Jr. 
Born: 17 July 1917 – Oxnard, California 
Parents: William C. Reno Sr. and Sallie Mae Richardson-Reno 
Siblings: 2 brothers 
Home: 143 B Street – Oxnard, California 
Occupation: truck driver – beer distributor 
Enlisted: California National

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Rose, Cpl. Willard

Cpl. Willard Rose 
Born: 14 November 1916 – Ohio 
Parents: Henry and Dara Rose 
Siblings: 4 brothers, 3 sisters 
Home: Montgomery County, Ohio 
– Gladys Doan
– 23 April 1942 – daughter was born
Residence: Davenport, Iowa 

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Shultz, Pvt. Robert I.

Pvt. Robert Irvin Shultz 
Born: 9 September 1916 – Cloverdale, Oregon 
Parents: Irvin J. Shultz & Emma F. Rosenthal-Shultz 
Hometown: Meda, Oregon 
– lived in North Kelly Butte, Oregon 
– Oregon National Guard 
Residence: General Delivery – Tillamook, Oregon

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