Hell Ship: Noto Maru


Shaffer, Pvt. Ralph R.

Pvt. Ralph Raymond Shaffer was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 14, 1918, to  Emory and Ellen Shaffer and grew up on the north side of Chicago at 1701 North Park Avenue Avenue and 1605 North Lawndale Avenue. He attended

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Speckens, Cpl. James V.

Cpl. James Victor Speckens
Born: 20 July 1922 – California
Married: Maralyn Mays
Children: 1 son
Home: Salinas, California 
– living with his aunt and uncle – Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bias
– Salinas High School 
– Class of

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Stewart, Cpl. Robert J.

Cpl. Robert J. Stewart was the son of Robert and Edna Stewart and was born on October 8, 1918, in Gettysburg, South Dakota. As a child, he grew up on a farm west of Baraboo, Wisconsin. While he was in

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Stoudt, Pvt. Daniel N.

Pvt. Daniel N. Stoudt was born in a log cabin in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania on May 17, 1917, to Salome and Joseph Stoudt. The cabin was located two miles from the town of Sharttesville. When Daniel was three

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Thompson, PFC John W.

PFC John William Thompson 
Born: 22 May 1915 – Mitchell, South Dakota 
– the family moved to Iowa before 1920 
Parents: Arthur W. & Mary M. Thompson 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 3 brothers 
Home: 2315 South 22nd Street – Saint Joseph,

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Thompson, Sgt. Kenneth E.

Sgt. Kenneth Eugene Thompson was born on September 24, 1915, to Lloyd & Anna Thompson in Plymouth, Ohio. He grew up in Graytown, Ohio, and resided in Oak Harbor, Ohio. He was the brother of Gertrude Collins the wife of

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Tripp Philip 2

Tripp, PFC Philip B.

PFC Philip Burson Tripp was born in Minneapolis on November 9, 1915, and was one of two sons of Frank M. Tripp and Lydia R. Smith-Tripp. His family resided at 3857 Garfield Avenue in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Selective Service

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Underwood, Pvt. Ray C.

Pvt. Ray C. Underwood was born on his family’s small hill country farm on April 31, 1917, in the Bounds Crossroads Community in Itawamba County, Mississippi. He was the son of Garvin Underwood and Mattie Lorene Buchanan-Underwood. With his four

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Urban, Pvt. Charles L.

Pvt. Charles Louis Urban 
Born: Ashland, Kentucky 
Mother: Bessie Urban 
Home: Ashland, Kentucky 
– U.S. Army 
– 7 May 1940 
Selective Service Registration: 
– did not register since he was serving in the Army 
– Fort Knox, Kentucky 

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Vaughn. Cpl. Jimmy W. Jr.

Cpl. Jimmy W. Vaughn Jr. 
Born: 3 March 1917 – Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas
Parents: Jimmy W. Vaughn Sr. and Olga Prescher-Vaughn 
Stepfather: Arch B. Weddel
Siblings: 2 half-brothers, 2 half-sisters  
Home: 1811 East Broadway Avenue – Fort Worth, Texas 

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Vetter, PFC Paul H.

PFC Paul Henry Vetter was born on August 9, 1917, in Michael, Illinois. He was one of nine children of Orlando Vetter and Seralda “May” Paige-Vetter. The family resided in Carlin, Calhoun County, Illinois, in 1940.

The Selective Service Act

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Zweber, PFC Roland G.

PFC Roland George Zweber 
Born: 13 September 1919 – New Market, Minnesota 
Parents: Peter V. Zweber & Julia K. Radermarcher-Zweber 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother 
Nickname: Rocky 
Home: 95 West Jessamine Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 
Occupation: telegraph messenger 
Selective Service

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