Hell Ship: Nissyo Maru


Duby, 1st Lt. Ralph W.

1st Lt. Ralph William Duby 
Born: 31 December 1917 – Mason County, Washington 
Parents: William A. Duby & Hazel Putts-Duby 
Siblings: 2 brothers 
Home: 316 North 76th Street – Seattle, Washington 
– Lincoln High School – Seattle, Washington 

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Durner Herb

Durner, Sgt. Herbert A. Jr.

Sgt. Herbert August Durner Jr. was one of the three sons of Herbert A. Durner Sr. & Bessie May Fellows-Durner. He was born on June 15, 1916, and grew up in Evansville, Wisconsin, and graduated from Evansville High School in

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Embry, Sgt. Shelby G.

Sgt. Shelby Gerald Embry was born on October 25, 1920, in Brooklyn, Butler County, Kentucky, to James O. and Lillie L. Embry. He had four sisters and a brother. By 1930, he was living in at the Christian Church Widows

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Errington, Sgt. Joe P.

Sgt. Joe Philip Errington 
Born: 27 August 1918 – Compton, California 
– the family also resided in San Antonio, California 
Parents: John Errington & Jenny Alice Thomas-Errington 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 5 brothers 
– His brother, Richard, was also in the

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Everett, PFC Charles E.

PFC Charles Elmer Everett was born on April 1, 1915, in Pennsylvania to Clifford E. Everett and Laura E. Stowell-Everett. In 1920, his sister and he were living in Cleveland, Ohio, where his mother was working as a housekeeper at

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Ferguson, Pvt. Harold J.

Pvt. Harold J. Ferguson 
Born: 25 November 1918 – Brooklyn, New York 
Parents: Herman and Sarah Ferguson 
– mother remarried 
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers 
Education: 2 years of high school 
Selective Service Registration: 
– records of his registration have

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Fitzpatrick, PFC. Bernard T.

PFC. Bernard T. Fitzpatrick
Born: 23 February 1915 – Waverly, Minnesota
Parents: Florien Fitzpatrick & Catherine Shafranski-Fitzpatrick
Siblings: 4 sisters, 2 brothers
Nicknames: B.T., Bernie, Fitz
Graduated: College of Saint Thomas
– Class of 1938
Hometown: Waverly, Minnesota

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Flaitz, S/Sgt . James R.

S/Sgt. James Ray Flaitz
Born: 19 August 1921 – Shelbyville, Indiana
Parents: Charles Flaitz and Anne Morrison-Flaitz
– father was meatpacker
– the family lost the business during the depression
Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers
Hometown: Shelbyville, Indiana

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Foley, Pvt. Gerald D.

Pvt. Gerald Dean Foley 
Born: 31 October 1914 – Minnesota 
Parents: Dohliner S. Foley & Marie Halverson-Foley 
Siblings: 3 sisters, 1 brother, 1 half-sister 
Home: 5036 East Sixth Street – Los Angles, California 
– U. S. Army 
– not

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Fryziuk, Sgt. Nicholas F.

Sgt Nicholas Ford Fryziuk was the son of Polish immigrants. He was born on July 25, 1919, to Mike Fryzuik and Maria Surchina-Fryziuk in Summit, Illinois. With his brother, Nick was raised in Argo and Summit and attended Argo High

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Gados, PFC Steve G. Jr.

PFC Steve George Gados Jr. was the son of Steve G. Gados Sr. and Louise Gados. He was born on August 19, 1918, in Chicago and lived at 1438 North Noble Street. His mother had been married previously and entered

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Garman, PFC George S.

PFC George Stanton Garman was born on October 18, 1917, to Stephen Garman and Mabel May-Garman and raised in Fort Recovery, Ohio, with his sister and three brothers. He would later live outside of Celina, Ohio, and work on the

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