Roster: Osaka Main Camp

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Provisional Tank Group

LeBlanc, Pvt. Brenton D.

Pvt. Brenton Delisle LeBlanc was born on November 8, 1918, in Anaconda, Montana, to George D. LeBlanc and Rose Campbell-LeBlanc. With his two brothers, he

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Provisional Tank Group

Houghland, Pvt. Robert J.

Pvt. Robert Jack Houghland was born on December 23, 1921, in Boonville, Indiana, to Oliver M. Hougland and Alma E. Madden-Houghland. With his sister and

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Provisional Tank Group

Vequist, Pvt. Woodrow W.

Pvt. Woodrow Witcomb Vequist was born on November 15, 1917, in Mondaman, Iowa to David Vequist and Augusta Papenhagen-Vequist, and had two sisters and a

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