Phelps, PFC Howard C.


PFC Howard Carter Phelps 
Born: 29 June 1925 – Cook County, Illinois 
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Howard W. Phelps 
Nickname: “Carter” 
Home: 1912 South Eleventh Street, Maywood, Illinois 
– moved to Jefferson County, Missouri 
– Garfield School 
– Proviso Township High School 
– Class of 1943 
– left after junior year 
– U.S. Army 
– 7 September 1943 
– Camp Atterbury, Indiana 
– Fort Benning, Georgia 
Unit: Company C, 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division 
– Battle of France 
– August 1944 – the regiment went into combat for the first time
– helped close the gap at Falaise, France
– spearheaded the attack on Nancy
– in October the regiment had a held its position because of problems with logistics
– November 1944 the regiment moved through the Marginot Line
Killed in Action: 
– 28 November 1944 
– at Farebersville, France 
– the regiment was ordered to advance on the high ground south of Farebersville 
– the company came under heavy artillery and mortar fire 
– the regiment suffered heavy casualties 
– October 1948 – Valhalla Cemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri 




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