In this picture taken at Zensuji Prisoner Camp in Japan, 2nd Lt. Ben Morin, B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion, is the first POW on the left.  The other POWs in the picture, from left to right, are Capt. Kenneth L. Boggs, Capt. Joseph D. Kwiatkowski, 1st Lt. Augustine S. Apra, 1st. Lt. Alvin O. Oyen, and 1st Lt. Ralph O. Hill

Courtesy of Kevin Menzies


In another picture taken at Zensuji Prison Camp, the POWs in this picture from the left are Capt. Ivan W. Weikel, 1st Lt. Joseph M. Sicillano, 2nd Lt. Henry M. Knox, A Company, 192nd Tank Battalion, 1st Lt. Ward B. Meek,   1st Lt. George A. Gallagher, and 2nd Lt. Martin A. Schecter.

Courtesy of Kevin Menzies


The prisoner compound at Zentsuji, Japan.  The trench in front of the building was supposedly a POW air raid shelter.  In reality, the POWs knew that it would be their grave if the United States invaded Japan.

Courtesy of Kevin Menzies


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