American POWs sit around a table outside a barracks at Camp O'Donnell.

National Archives


POW barracks at Cabanatuan.

National Archives


The Japanese allowed the American POWs to form a camp orchestra at Cabanatuan and broadcasted their performances on the radio.  In this photo, from left to right, are: John H. Kratz, Jr., Edwin Booth, Martin Sakas, Clarence J. Kuncel, Lawrence W. Parcher, "Butch" K ----, Ken Marshall, amd "Pappy" Harris.  One of the members of the orchestra was Pvt. John Pimperal of B Company.

Courtesy of the Bensing Family

This photo taken during the war, by the Japanese in 1943, shows a garden and POW barracks at Cabanatuan.  In the garden, eggplant. okra, and pigweed is being grown.  The POW in the photo is Major James S. Neary, of the 31st Infantry.

Maj. James S. Neary died at Fukuoka POW Camp #4 and was post posthumously promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Courtesy of John Eakin

In another photo taken by the Japanese in 1943, an unknown POW takes a break from chopping wood at what was referred to as Major Fitch's Kitchen.  The kitchen was under the immediate command of T/Sgt. James S. Grossman, 19th Air Base Squadron, 10th Air Base Group.  Maj. Alva R. Fitch was with the 23rd Field Artillery, Philippine Scouts.

T/Sgt. James S. Grossman died in the sinking of the Arian Maru.
Maj. Alva R. Fitch survived the war and served in Korea.  He became a Lieutenant General.

Courtesy of John Eakin


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