B Company


Men of the 192nd Tank Battalion

Company B


This roster is comprised of two groups that went to the Philippine Islands in November of 1941.  Together, they make up the men of the 192nd Tank Battalion, Company B, which originated as the 33rd Divisional Tank Company of the Illinois National Guard from Maywood, Illinois.

+Indicates men who died during World War II

* National Guardsmen


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These Members of B Company are Buried at the American Military Cemetery at Manila as

Provisional Tank Group

Cpl. William E. Burns Jr.*+

Sgt. Norman F. Spencer*+

Headquarters Company
192nd Tank Battalion

Lt. Col. Theodore F. Wickord*

Capt. Ruben H. Schwass *+

2nd Lt. Jacques V. Merrifield*

Capt. Donald L. Hanes*+

1st. Lt. Emmett F. Gibson*

2nd Lt. Thomas S. Savage*


S/Sgt. Richard C. Armato*

Sgt. John O. Hopple*+

T/5. Fred W. Lovering Jr.*+

Pvt. Emery B. Boardman*+

T/4 William P. Hullihan*+

S/Sgt. Walter J. Mahr*+

Sgt. Lewis H. Brittan*

Cpl. Fred A. Jannisch Jr.*+

T/Sgt. Albert C. McArthur Jr.*+

Pvt. Martin W. Camfferman Jr.*+

Sgt. Frank Jendrysik*+

Pvt. Frederick G. Schweinsberg*+

Cpl. George E. Dravo*

Pfc. Harry Jerele*+

1st Sgt. William L. Swift*+

Sgt. Ralph A. Ellis*+

Cpl. Harry A. King*+

Pvt. John D. Swinehamer*

Sgt. Jack J. Griswold*+

Sgt. Edward Lyle Kolb*+

Cpl. Russell H. Vertuno*+ 

Pfc. William A. Hauser*


Pfc. Lester O. Watson*


Assigned to 

Company A


2nd Lt.  Arthur A. Holland*+


Company B

 192nd Tank Battalion

1st Lt. Willie S. Heard Jr. +

2nd Lt. Harvey A. Jennings+

2nd Lt. Donald R. Bertrand*+

2nd Lt. Matthew S. MacDowell*

2nd Lt. Daniel J. Beyer

2nd Lt. Ben R. Morin*

2nd Lt. Harry B. Black+

2nd Lt. William  H. Slicer Jr.*

2nd Lt. Richard E. Danca*+

2nd Lt. Edward G. Winger *+


Pvt. Elkoney A. Allison*+

Pvt. Carl E. Garr +

Sgt. Raymond P. Mason*+

Pvt. Andrew J. Aquila 

Pvt. J. C. Garrett 

Cpl. John L. Massimino*

Pvt. John Avila +

Cpl. Erwin A. Glasenapp*

Pvt. Francis I. McGuire

Sgt. James A. Bainbridge Jr.*+

T/4 Frank Goldstein

Pvt. Alexander Mueller*+

S/Sgt. John E. Ball*+

Sgt. Norman W. Goodman*

Pvt. Orrie T. Mulholland*

Sgt. Zenon R. Bardowski*

Pvt. Alexander Gorr*+

Pvt. Harry J. Noworul

Sgt. James P. Bashleben*

Pvt. Richard W. Graff +

Pvt. William F. Oldaker 

Pfc. Harold C. Becker

Sgt. James W. Griffin +

Pvt. Robert V. Parr

Pvt. James A. Bird*

1st/Sgt. Roger J. Heilig*+

Pvt. Elmore W. Pattison 

Pvt. Daniel J. Boni*+

Pvt. Kenneth A. Heinrich 

Pvt. Clemath S. Peppers +

Sgt. Robert E. Bronge*+

Pvt. Joseph P. Henderson+

T/5 Charles A. Peterson*+

Cpl. Laprade D. Brown*+

T/4 Andrew Hepburn*+

S/Sgt. Robert E. Peterson*

Pfc. Frank A. Byars*+

Pvt. Charles A. Heuel +

Pvt. John M. Pimperal

Cpl. James A. Cahill*+

S/Sgt. Warren A. Hildebrandt*+

Pvt. Edward F. Plodzien*

Cpl. John P. Cahill*

Pvt. Quincey A. Humphries +

Pvt. Henry A. Rusch*

Pfc. Charles A. Carter 

S/Sgt. Willard D. Jennings*+

Pvt. Lawrence M. Sears*

Sgt. Walter F. Cigoi*+

Pvt. Bernard W. Johnson +

Pvt. Ralph R. Shaffer

Pvt. Wallace H. Coats 

Sgt. Lawrence J. Jordan*

Pvt. Edrow F. Singletary +

Cpl. Albert H. Cornils*

Pfc. William J. Kerins*

Pvt. Earl M. Squyres+

T/5 Charles L. Corr Jr. +

Sgt. William A. Kindell*

Pvt. John T. Strompolis*

 Pvt. Harley W. Coulter +

Pvt. Herbert J. Kirchhoff Jr.*

Pvt. Michael Swartz*+

Pfc. Henry J. Deckert*+

Sgt. Steve Kodaj*

Pvt. Rogers L. Taylor

Cpl. Edward G. Depa

T/4 Joseph S. Kwiatkowski*+

Pvt. Lester I. Tenenberg*

T/5 Donald A. Dettmer*+

Pvt. Joseph D. Lajzer

Pfc. Joseph H. Twa

S/Sgt. Albert T. Edwards*+

Pvt. Harold D. Lane*

Sgt. Raymond J. Vandenbroucke*

Pvt. James E. Edwards*

Pvt. Raymond A. Lorenz

T/5 Arthur G. Van Pelt +

Pfc. Clyde D. Ehrhardt*+

Pfc. Carl A. Maggio*

Pfc. Paul H. Vetter

Pvt. P. Z. Eldridge +

Pvt. LD Marrs

Sgt. Willard W. Von Bergen*+

Pvt. Felix Flores +

Pvt. Wallace R. Marston

Pvt. Louie L. Webb

Sgt. Nicholas F. Fryziuk*

Cpl. Robert J. Martin*

Pvt. Michael S. Wepsiec*

Pfc. Steve G. Gados Jr*

Pvt. Camilo Martinez 

Pvt. Joseph L. Wisniowski +

Pvt. Thomas H. Garland 


Pvt. Louis C. Zelis

The above roster is based on U. S. Army Reports, newspaper articles, and the personal testimonies of the surviving members of Company B.  If a member of Company B, who served in the Philippine Islands,  was inadvertently omitted from this roster, please let us know so that the omission can be corrected.  If you have information on a  member of Company B, a photograph of a member of Company B, or  would like to correct inaccurate information on a member of Company B, please contact us at:


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