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The 192nd Tank Battalion

William C. Alford*
D Company

Albert L. Allen Jr.*
C Company

Andy Aquila*
B Company

Zenon Bardowski*
B Company

Jim Bashleben*
B Company

Patrick Boone*
D Company

Grover C. Brummett*
D Company

Earl Burchard*
A Company

Ed DeGroot*
A Company

Edward Depa*
B Company

Albert DuBois*
A Company

Morgan French*
D Company

Frank Goldstein*
B Company

Joseph Hrupcho*
C Company

Charles Jensen*
Medical Detachment

Marvin Jaeger*
Medical Detachment

Herbert Kirchhoff*
B Company

Steve Kodaj*
B Company

Joseph Lajzer*
B Company

Marcus A. Lawson*
D Company

Carl Maggio*
B Company

Wallace R. Marston*
B Company

Edward Martel*
C Company

John Massimino*
B Company

Fr. Ben Morin, S. J.*
B Company

Orrie Mulholland*
B Company

Abel Ortega*
A Company

Robert Parr*
B Company

John Pimperal*
B Company

John Rowland*
HQ Company

 Owen Sandmire*
A Company

Ardell Schei*
Medical Detachment

Ralph Shaffer*
B Company

Robert Stewart*
A Company

Rogers L. Taylor*
B Company

Lester Tenney
B Company

Walter Tucker*
HQ Company

Lewis Wallisch*
A Company

Mike Wepsiec*
B Company

* Denotes those members of the 192nd who have passed away since website was created.

The Families

Kevin Aldred
Son of John Aldred, D Company

Martina Aldred
Wife of John Aldred, D Company

Deanna Allen
Daughter of Charles Everett, C Company

Marv Anderson
Son-in-Law of Marv Jaeger, Medical Detachment

Diane Andrasek
Daughter of Nick Fryziuk, B Company

Robert Angelone
Nephew of Joseph Angelone, HQ Company

Jack Baldon
Brother of Fay & Ray Baldon, A Company

Steve Bardowski
Son of Zenon Bardowski, B Company

Lisa Barnhart
Granddaughter of Elmer Engle, HQ Company

Josephine Becker
Cousin of George Dravo, B Company

Carol Behrman
Daughter of Harold Collins, C Company
Step-Daughter of Joseph Hrupcho, C Company

Tamara Beisler
Granddaughter of Marcus A.Lawson, D Company

Bill Blacketer
Son of William Blacketer, HQ Company
Nephew of Claude Yeast, D Company
Nephew of Willard Yeast, HQ Company

Velma Bloomfield-Babcock*
Widow of Kenneth Bloomfield, A Company

Scott Blonien
Nephew of Elmer Blonien, A Company

Paul Bolden
Brother of Eber Bolden, D Company

Larry Boeshart
Son of Charles R. Boeshart, C Company

Larry Brown
Cousin of William E. Brown, C Company

Joe Brummett
Nephew of Grover Brummett, D Company

Bruce Buggs
Son of Wayne Buggs, A Company

Ken Brown
Cousin of William Brown, C Company

Pat Brown
Son-In-Law of Wayne Buggs, A Company

Lauren Bryant
Relative of Harry LaFon, D Company

Ruth A Darbey-Bunker
Niece of Ralph Boyle, C Company

Dick Bunker
Nephew-in-Law of Ralph Boyle, C Company

Brian Burchard
Son of Earl Burchard, A Company

John Burns
Nephew of William Burns, HQ Company

Phillip Burns*
Brother of William Burns, HQ Company

Julie Burton
Granddaughter of Alfred Langley, A Company

Eunice Byars-Blazek
Niece of Frank Byars, B Company

Chris Campbell
Nephew of John Campbell, A Company
Cousin of Jesse Tubbs, A Company

CW4 Gerald Carroll
Kentucky National Guard
Great-Nephew of Thomas Brooks, D Company

Jewell Carroll-Armstrong
Sister of Woodrow Carroll, HQ Company

Vera Carroll-Johnson
Sister of Woodrow Carroll, HQ Company

Floyd Chio
Nephew of Wade Chio, C Company

Charles R. Christopher
Brother of George Christopher, D Company

Alberta Clayton*
Sister of LaPrade Brown, B Company

Cyndi Cohan
Great-Niece of Joseph Trilicik, HQ Company

Jay Cornils
Son of Albert Cornils, B Company

Katherine Cornils*
Wife of Albert Cornils, B Company

Ann Courtney
Daughter-In-Law of Dannie Courtney, A Company

David Courtney
Son of Dannie Courtney, A Company

John G Cummins
Nephew of John L. Cummins, D Company

Maxine Cupp
Wife of Burlin Cupp, C Company

Philip Danca
Cousin of Richard Danca, B Company

Suzanne Deckert

Niece of Henry Deckert, B Company

Niece of Henry Rusch, B Company

Hector Delgado
Great-Nephew of Felix Flores, B Company

Barbara Dennee
Daughter of Edward Depa, B Company

Scott Dillon
Nephew of Cornell Dillon, C Company

Katherine Drew*
Sister of Harold Fanning, HQ Company

Sara Drew
Sister of Harold Fanning, HQ Company

Claudia Dunning
Daughter of Claude Yeast, D Company
Niece of Willard Yeast, HQ Company
Niece of William Blacketer, HQ Company

Aaron Dupuy

Grandson of J. C. Garrett, B Company

Randell Durner
Son of Herb Durner, A Company

Frank Ehrhardt
Great-Nephew of Clyde Ehrhardt, B Company

Katherine Durrant
Daughter of Bob Stewart, A Company

Merry Evens
Niece of Bernard Shea, A Company

Alice Everett
Daughter of Virgil Janes, C Company

Charles Everett Jr.
Son of Charles Everett, C Company

Cyndi Fenn
Great-Niece of Wilbur Russell, C Company

Eric Finley
Grandson of James Finley, A Company

Donald Fox
Brother of John Fox, HQ Company

Bill Foy
Nephew of Tansell Bruce, D COmpany

Linda Frantz
Daughter of Daniel Stoudt, A Company

Morgan French Jr.
Son of Morgan French, D Company
Nephew of Edward French, D Company

Cecilia Fryziak*
wife of Nick Fryziak, B Company

John Fusselman
Cousin of Clifford Fusselman, C Company

Mary Gados

Daughter of Steve Gados, B Company

Isabel Gates
Sister of Eber Boden, D Company

James Gentry
Son of William Gentry, D Company

Gladys Gessert
Sister of Leslie Krause, HQ Company

Steve Gibson
Son of Emmett Gibson, B Company

Chuck Goldstein
Son of Frank Goldstein, B Company

Elizabeth Gorman
Granddaughter of Havelock Nelson, HQ Company

Alex Gorr
Nephew of Alexander Gorr, B Company

Richard Graff
Nephew of Richard Graff, B Company

Barbara Grammer
Daughter of Obie C. Richardson, A Company

Tony & Marilyn Gray
Son & Daughter-in-law of Lonnie Gray, HQ COmpany

Robert Griffin
Brother of James Griffin, B Company

Philip Griffiths
Great-nephew of Neil McCage, A Company

Mark Guess
Grandson of Steve Gados, B Company

Gertrude Habley
Sister of Martin Camfferman, HQ Company

Jennifer Habley
Great-niece of Martin Camfferman, HQ Company

Kate Hadden*
Sister of Edmund VanGalder, A Company

David Hagan
Nephew of James Carter, D Company

Marie Hanes
Great-Niece of Joseph Trilicik, HQ Company

Shelley Hando
Daughter of John Hando, HQ Company

Mary Agnes Hanauska*
Sister of Harold Fanning, HQ Company

Wendy Harris
Great-Niece of James O'Brien, C Company

Lonnie Harrison
Relative of Everett Preston and Lonnie Gray, D & HQ Company

Fred Hasselkus
Nephew of Howard Hasselkus, HQ Compnay

Bill Hauser

Son of Bill Hauser, B Company

Joseph Hauser
Son of William Hauser, HQ Company

Katherine Hauser*
Wife of William Hauser, HQ Company

Linda Haviland-Sawyer
Niece of William Haviland, HQ Company

Donald Hawkins
Nephew of Charles Looney, C Company

Janie Hayslip
Sister of James H. Hurndon, A Company

Kenneth W. Heinrich*
Son of Kenneth A. Heinrich, B Company

Susanne Henkel
niece of Neil McCage, A Company

Elaine Hinton
Niece of Elwin Jones, C Company

Violet Hogate
Sister of Neil McCage, A Company

Dana Hogate
Nephew of Neil McCage, A Company

Tom Hullihan
Nephew of William Hullihan, HQ Company

Aurbie Humphries
Brother of Quincey Humphries, B Company

Everett Humphries
Brother of Quincey Humphries, B Company

Jim Johnson
Nephew of Bernard Johnson, B Company

Shannon Jordan-Mulrooney
Daughter of Larry Jordan, B Company

Phyllis Kail*
Sister of Maurice Lustig, A Company

William Kail*
Brother-in-Law of Maurice Lustig, A Company

William Kerins Jr.
Son of William Kerins, B Company

Bill Knipshield
Brother of Donald Knipshield, A Company

Adeline Knox*
Wife of Forrest Knox, A Company

Steve Knox
Grandson of Forrest Knox, A Company
Nephew of Henry Knox, A Company

Suzanne Knox
Niece of Henry & Forrest Knox, A Company

Lysle Lewis*
FiancÚ of Owen Sandmire, A Company

James Litton
Great-Nephew of Albert McArthur, B Company

Joyce Logue-Parker*
Niece of Harvey Logue, HQ Company

James Lovering*
Brother of Fred Lovering, B Company

Emmett Manogue
Brother of James Manogue, A Company

John Manogue
Cousin of James Manogue, A Company

Larry D. Marrs*
Son of LD Marrs, B Company

James Martin
Son of J. Robert Martin, B Company

Marge Martin
Wife of J. Robert Martin, B Company

Cheryl Massey
Granddaughter of Howard I. Massey, Sr., Medical Detachment

Michael McAuliffe
Son of William McAuliffe, A Company

Sheryl Matejka
Daughter of Jack Swinehamer, B Company

Tuller Merrifield
Daughter of Jacques Merrifield, HQ Company

The Minier Family
John Minier, C Company

Gary Mitchell
Second-Cousin of Vernon Pendley, HQ Company

Kristine Morrison
Niece of Quincey Humphries, B Company

Jill Munson
Great-Niece of Donald Knipshield, A Company

Sharon Nakamua

Great-Niece of Harry Jerele, HQ COmpany

Walter Noworul
Son of Harry Noworul, B Company

Abel Ortega Jr.
Son of Abel Ortega, A Company

Dorothy Parish*
Wife of Philip Parish, A Company

Susanna Parrish-Allen
Cousin of Fay & Ray Baldon, A Company
Cousin of Phil Parish, A COmpany

Kathy Patterson
Wife of Raymond Carroll
Nephew of Woodrow Carroll, HQ Company

Eric Payne
Great-Nephew of Peter Pirnat, HQ Company

Elaine Peterson
Niece of Ira Morgan, Medical Detachment

Ray Peterson
Son of Robert Peterson, B Company

Joseph Pevey
Grandson of Joseph P. Pevey, C Company

Thomas Pimperal-Sands
Brother of John Pimperal, B company

Lessie Pitts
Niece of James H. Hurndon, A Company

Larry Pope
Son-In-Law of Elmer Bensing, D Company

Jessica Prata
Great-Niece of Joseph Kwiatkowski, B Company

Robert Prueher*
 Brother of George Prueher, A Company

Betty Quisno
Sister of Howard Wodrich, C Company

Shirley Reece
Sister of Quincey Humphries, B Company

Dan Reeves
Cousin of Harley Reeves, HQ Company

Linda Revak

Daughter of Joseph Revak, HQ Company

Rick Rickelman
Nephew of Ray Mason, B Company

Mary Richards

Niece of Donald Hanes, Hq Company

Rick Rickelman
Nephew of Raymond Mason, B Company

Deta Rogillio
Niece of Vincent Sykora, A Company

Steve Ross
Son of John F. Ross, C Company

Charlene Rossi
Niece of David Dowell, D Company

Dale Royalty
Cousin of Oscar Dean, D Company
Cousin of Garratt Royalty, D Company
Nephew of Orvis Rinehart, A Company

Bruce Rudd
Great-nephew of Archie Rue, D Company
Edwin Rue, Provisional Tank Group

Majorie Russell-Jones
Sister of Wilbur Russell, C Company

Mike Savage

Grandson of Tom Savage, HQ Company

Cara St. Louis-Tottenham
Great-Niece John T. Stanton, HQ Company

Martin Schmidt
Brother of Emil Schmidt. A Company

Ray Schmidt
Nephew of Emil Schmidt, A Company

Dennis Schoeberle
Nephew of Kenneth Schoeberle, A Company

Chris Seymour
 great-nephew of Charles Giamalva,  C Company

P. J. Shufeldt Sr.
Marvin C. Harris, C Company

Donald Slicer
Son of William Slicer, B Company

Pierre Slicer
Son of WIlliam Slicer, B Company

Ronald Slicer
Son of William Slicer, B Company

George Smith

Son of George W. Smith, B Company

(did  not go to the Philippines)

Gordon Spencer*
Brother of Norman Spencer, HQ Company

Paul Sommerlund
Son of William H. Sommerlund , A Company

Mike Sterken
Great-Nephew of Gerald Sterken, A Company

 Carla Stewart
Cousin of Hubert Brewer, C Company

Coletta Sutterfield
Daughter of Woodrow T. Cox, HQ Company

Carl Swartz
Nephew of Michael Swartz, B Company

Dan Thomas
Great-Nephew of Arthur Burholt, C Company

Dorothy Thompson
Sister of Charles Peterson, B Company

Patricia Thurmond
Niece of Harry Jerele, B Company

Ruth Tobias

Niece of Ralph Hite, HQ Company

The Van Diver Family
Cecil Van Diver, D Company

G. Michael Verba, Jr.
Son of George M. Verba Sr., C Company

Robert Vetter
Nephew of Paul Vetter, B Company

Jann Walker
Great-niece of Martin Camfferman, HQ Company

Jean Walker
Wife of Albert Walker, HQ Company

Lewis "Dee" Walker
Nephew of Albert Walker, HQ Company

Curt Wallisch
Son of Lewis Wallisch, A Company

Janice Wallisch
Daughter of Lewis Wallisch, A Company

Kevin Watson
Great-Nephew of John H. Read, HQ Company

Shannon Wendell
Great-Niece of John Morley, HQ Company

Bill Wilmer
Son of Ivan Wilmer, A Company

Duane Wilmer
Grandson of Ivan Wilmer, A Company

Dr. Ed Winger, M.D.
Nephew of Edward Winger, B Company

Lloyd Write*
Son of Walter Write, A Company

Larry Wuerz
Nephew-in-law Albert DeCurtins, HQ Company

Peggy Ystenes
Daughter of Ed DeGroot, A Company

* Denotes those who have passed away since website was created.


Carroll Coslow

David Dwiggins

Photographs - Indiana Soldiers

John Eakin

Cousin of Arthur "Bud" Kelder

Japanese POW

Steve Edquist
Grave Photos

Jim Erickson

Texas A&M University

Son of Albert W. Erickson

Japanese POW
Hell Ship Rosters

Peggy Gilkey

Lyon County Kentucky Genealogy
(For Going Out of Her Way to Help Us)

Ann Gipson

Earlington, Kentucky

Kathleen Harris

Col. Paul Hastings (Ret.)

Illinois Army National Guard

Bob Hundson
POW PDf Files

Wes Injerd

Fukuoka POW Camps

Joseph Johnson

Death March Survivor

Cammy Lamas
Retired Secretary: Proviso East High School
(For digging through countless school records)

Jim Litton
Battling Bastards of Bataan

Sfc Stacey Long (Ret.)

33rd Combat Infantry Brigade

Illinois National Guard

S/Sgt. Anthony C. Meldahl (Ret.)
Ohio National Guard

Major Bob Linkous (Ret.)
Kentucky National Guard

William S. McDowell

Rhonda McNurlan

Kevin Menzies

Therese Miller
Golden Gate National Cemetery - Grave Photos

Shane Olsen
Hallock, Minnesota
Grave Photos

John Patton

Sgt. Justin Pippin

Illinois Army National Guard

Cw4 J. Dewey Pope (Ret.)
Kentucky National Guard 

Julie Pope
Civilian Employee
Kentucky National Guard

Sundra Peters
Richland County Genealogical Society
Mansfield, Ohio

Ken Peterson
Friend of Ben Morin, B Company

Fr. Robert Phillips*
Japanese POW

Sharon Ray
West Monroe, Louisiana
Grave Photos

Matthew Rector
Historical Preservation Specialist
Fort Knox, Kentucky

Dwight Rider


Mike Rogers
Boyhood Friend of Fred Jannisch,  B Company

Donald Schutt

Joseph Suarez
Mukden POW Pictures

Ben Steele
Death March Survivor

Capt. Larry S. Tabor, U.S.A.F. (Ret.)

Doug & Sue Thorp

Jason Vorderstrasse
Global Affairs Officer
U. S. Department of State
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
Office of Regional and Security Policy Affairs

Kathy Waddell

Steve Weingartner

Dave Young



American Ex-Prisoners of War

American Military Cemetery

Manila, Philippine Islands

Larry Adkison, Superintendent

  Hubert O. Caloud, Asst. Superintendent

April dela Virgen.

Josie Fernandez

Hermie Lelix

Carlito I. Rocaberte, Sr.

Rodelita Velasco

Hazel Yarin

Arrowhead Library System

Ruth Ann Montgomery

Janesville, Wisconsin

Battling Bastards Bataan

Major Richard M. Gordon (U.S.A. Ret.)*

Fred Baldassarre

James T. Litton

Breckinridge County Public Library

Hardinsburg, Kentucky

Sarah Flood


Burlington Historical Society

Burlington, Wisconsin

Center for Research

Allied POWs under the Japanese

Roger Mansell*

Coshocton Public Library

Coshocton, Ohio

Deborah Crowdy

Local History/Genealogy Reference Assistant

Davidson College Library

Jan Blodgett

College Archivist and Records Management Coordinator

  Descendants Group: American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor

Jan Thompson - President

Caroline Burkhart - Vice President

Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives

Fayette County, Texas

Franklin COunty (Ohio)  Cemeteries

Leona L. Gustafson

Fukuoka POW Camp #17

Linda Dahl

Harrodsburg Historical Society

Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Hedberg Public Library

Janesville, Wisconsin

Henderson County Public Library

Henderson County, Kentucky

Amber Brandon

Local History Archivist

Hopkins County Genealogical Society


Ida Rupp Library

Port Clinton, Ohio

Illinois State Military Museum

Springfield, Illinois

Stewart Reeve,  Museum Director

William Lear, Museum Curator

Indiana Soldiers & Sailors

David Dwiggins


Itawamba County Historical Society

Itawamba County, Mississippi

Bob Franks, Publication Editor

Charles & Virble Booth

The Library of Congress

Washington D. C.

Lincoln Memorial University

Harrogate, Tennessee

Leanne Garland - Archivist 

Lithopolis Cemetery

Lithopolis, Ohio

Jennifer McKenzie


The MacArthur Memorial

Norfolk, Virgina

James W. Zobel


Mansfield/Richland County Public Library

Mansfield, Ohio

Laurel Tope


Maywood Bataan Day Organization

Maywood, Illinois

Col. Richard McMahon, Jr., U.S.A. (Ret.)

Maj. Edwin H. Walker IV, U.S.M.C. (Ret.)

Patricia Besaw

Maywood Public Library

Maywood, Illinois

Stan Huntington, Administrative Librarian

Melrose Park Public Library

Melrose Park, Illinois

Patrick Italia, Library Director

Mercer County Public Library

Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Natalie Cox-Watts, Librarian

Milton Historical Society

Milton, Wisconsin

Dr. David McKay, Executive Director

Mississippi Armed Forces Museum

Camp Shelby, Mississippi

M/Sgt. Glenn L. Hulsted III (Ret.)

Norwalk Public Library

Norwalk, Ohio

Debbie Orth, Research Librarian

Okmulgee County OKGENWEB

County Coordinator 

Shelley Lynch

Ottawa County Chapter of the 

Ohio Genealogical Society

Port Clinton, Ohio

Linda Kolinko

Patton Museum of Cavalry and armor

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Perry County District Library

Somerset, Ohio

Pittsburg County Historical Society

McAlester, Oklahoma

Pushmataha County Historical Society

Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

Kay Black, Researcher

Rock County Historical Society

Janesville, Wisconsin

753rd Tank Battalion Association

Chris Bradford

Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society

Michael hURST


University of Idaho Library

Julie Monroe

Library Assistant

Amy Thompson

Library Assistant

Watertown Historical Society

Watertown, Wisconsin

Ken Riedl

Westerville Public Library

Westerville, Ohio

Belinda Mortensen, Local History/Community Services Associate

Nieca Nowels, Adult Services Manager

West Town Museum of Cultural Heritage

Maywood, Illinois

Wisconsin Veterans Museum

Madison, Wisconsin

Gayle Martinson

Wood County Wisconsin Veteran Memorial

DIAntha Neinfeldt


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