Roster: May 20, 2019

194th - C Co.

Magill, 2nd Lt. Lloyd H. Jr.

2nd Lt. Lloyd Harry Magill Jr. was born on February 24, 1918, to Lloyd H. Magill Sr. and Sara L. Bristol-Magill. With his sister, he grew up at 117 Northwest Oregon Avenue in Bend, Oregon. He was known as “Dago”

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192nd - HQ Co.

Mahone, PFC Arthur G.

PFC Arthur Glen Mahone was born on April 8, 1907, in Leola, Arkansas, to Eugene G. Mahone and Dolly Mae Peeples-Mahone. With his two sisters and two brothers, he and grew up in Tennessee, Arkansas, and later lived at 527

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192nd - HQ Co.

Mahr, S/Sgt. Walter J.

S/Sgt. Walter John Mahr was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on March 5, 1922, and was the son of Conrad Mahr and Anna Miller-Mahr. With his two brothers and two sisters, he lived at 408 South 13th Avenue in Maywood,

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194th - C Co.

Manion, Pvt. Jerome J.

Pvt. Jerome Joseph Manion 
Born: 4 August 1915 – Saint Paul, Minnesota 
Parents: James T. Manion & Catherine Buda-Manion 
Siblings: 1 sister, 3 brothers 
Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota 
Residence: 3807 Effie Street, Hollywood, California 
– this address was listed as

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192nd - A Co.

Manogue, PFC James L.

PFC James L. Manogue was born in 1914 in Johnstown, Wisconsin, to James D. Manogue and Ellen T. Deneen-Manogue and was raised in Milton, Wisconsin. He was one of the couple’s four children. He went to school in Milton and

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194th - MD

Maranda, Pvt. Lawrence E.

Pvt. Lawrence Emil Maranda 
Born: 8 September 1915 – Saint Paul, Minnesota 
Parents: George A. Maranda and Anna Fischbach-Maranda 
Siblings: 5 brothers 
Home: 1072 West Seventh Avenue – Saint Paul, Minnesota 
Occupation: deliveryman – Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company – St.

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194th - C Co.

Marback, PFC Fred F. Jr.

PFC Fred F. Marback Jr.
Born: 16 October 1917 – California
Parents: Fred F. Marback Sr. and Ellen O’Brien-Marback
Siblings: 3 sisters, 1 brother
Home: 293 Abbott Street – Salinas, California
Occupation: cement laborer
Enlisted: California National Guard
Selective Service

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192nd - HQ Co.

Marchese, Pvt. Nick J.

Pvt. Nick John Marchese is that he was born on September 15, 1917, in Chicago to Anthony and Palonine Marchese. With his two brothers, he grew up at 2829 West Congress Street in Chicago. He left school after completing grammar

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192nd - D Co.

Marksberry, PFC Marvin

PFC Marvin Marksberry was one of six sons born to Lillie Mae and James Marksberry. He was born on April 21, 1919, and raised in Grant County, Kentucky. He was the couple’s third oldest son.

Like many young men of

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192nd - B Co.

Marrs, Pvt. LD

Pvt. LD Marrs was born on March 28, 1917, in Taylor, Texas, to William Clarence and Bertha Ellen Cornell Marrs. His parents named him “LD”. He was known as “Red” to his family and friends. With his four brothers and

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194th - HQ Co.

Marshall, Sgt. John D.

Sgt. John D. Marshall
Born: 2 February 1923 – Saint Joseph, Missouri
Parents: Theodore and Ethel Marshall
Siblings: 3 sisters, 1 brother
Home: 1012 Lincoln Street – St. Joseph, Missouri
Education: Central High School – St. Joseph, Missouri
– Reserve

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192nd - B Co.

Marston, Pvt. Wallace R.

Pvt. Wallace Raymond Marston was born in Dunedin, Florida, to Harry and Eloise Marston on December 23, 1923. With his sister and brother, he attended Dunedin Grade School and Dunedin Junior High School. At the age of twelve, he moved

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