Roster: April 21, 2019

192nd - HQ Co.

Cale, Pvt. Lester C.

Pvt. Lester C. Cale was born in 1915 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was the son of Alfred E. Cale and Lillian Radloff-Cale and was the second oldest of three sons. It is known that he was from the Cleveland, Ohio,

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17th Ordnance Company

Callison, Pvt. Wilbur C.

Pvt. Wilbur Childs Callison was the son of Albert A. Callison and Clara M. Stuber-Callison. He was born on August 25, 1918, in Isabella County, Michigan. It is known that he had two brothers, one who died at age ten,

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192nd - HQ Co.

Camfferman, Cpl. Martin W. Jr.

Cpl. Martin William Cafferman Jr. was born on November 22, 1920, to Martin W. Camfferman Sr. and Clasine Godee-Canfferman. He was the youngest of the couple’s five children. The family resided at 1500 South 56th Court in Cicero, Illinois, and

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194th - HQ Co.

Campbell, Cpl. Ethan H.

Cpl. Ethan Hubbard Campbell 
Born: 7 April 1919 – Eagleville, Missouri 
Parents: Ralph E. Campbell & Goldie V. Hubbard-Campbell 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother 
Home: 1712 Colhoun Street – Saint Joseph, Missouri 
Education: 1 year of college 
Employment: unemployed

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17th Ordnance Company

Campbell, Cpl. Hays C.

Cpl. Hays C. Campbell was born on September 28, 1921, in Leslie County, Kentucky, to Frank Campbell and Lettie Couch-Campbell. He enlisted in the U. S. Army on October 17, 1939, and did his basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

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17th Ordnance Company

Campbell, Pvt. Leon W.

Pvt. Leon Warren Campbell
Born: 21 May 1919 – Pennsylvania
Parents: Wilber and Ceola Campbell
Siblings: 3 sisters
Hometown: Kane, Pennsylvania
Residence: Deerfield State Route 6 – Sheffield, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Civilian Conservation Corps
Residence: Pleasantville, Pennsylvania
– U.S. Army

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192nd - A Co.

Campbell, Sgt. John F.

Sgt. John Funston Campbell was born on May 3, 1921, in Wisconsin to Jesse T. Campbell and Cora Tubbs-Campbell. He had one sister and three brothers and resided on the family farm in Harmony Township, Rock County, Wisconsin. He left

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Campbell W
192nd - HQ Co.

Campbell, Sgt. Willard H.

Sgt. Willard Harold Campbell was born on May 21, 1920, to Earl F. Campbell and Florence E. Zierth-Campbell in Wisconsin. With his sister, he grew up at 8 Linn Street in Janesville. He was also the cousin of Lewis Wallisch

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194th - A Co.

Campbell, Tec 4 Vern J.

T/4 Vern Joseph Campbell
Born: 25 May 1919 – White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Parents: Fred D. Campbell and Anna T. Seiveck-Campbell
Siblings: 6 sisters, 3 brothers
Home: 1215 Birch Lake Avenue – White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Selective Service Registration: 16

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Canby C
194th - HQ Co.

Canby, Major Charles S.

Major Charles S. Canby was born on July 23, 1895, in Saint Joseph, Missouri. He was the son of Charles B. Canby & Josephine Spencer-Canby and grew up in St. Joseph.

It is known that Canby fought in the Mexican

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17th Ordnance Company

Carr, Pvt. J. W.

Pvt. J. W. Carr
Born: 23 March 1915 – Montgomery County, Alabama
Home: Montgomery County, Alabama
– 1940 – he was living on Pittman Road in High Shoals Township, Randolph County, Alabama
Occupation: Farmhand
– U.S. Army
– 15

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192nd - HQ Co.

Carroll, Pvt. Woodrow B.

Pvt. Woodrow Bryan Carroll was the son of James Samuel Carroll & Maggie Mae Bare-Carroll, and born on December 26, 1915, in Carter, Oklahoma, He was the ninth child of the couple’s six sons and six daughters. Like many families

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