Roster: April 21, 2019

192nd - B Co.

Carter, PFC Charles A.

PFC Charles Albert Carter was born on September 9, 1919, in Franklin County, Ohio, to Minor & Belle Carter. He and his six sisters and two brothers were raised at Star Yard on Portsmouth, Ohio. It is known his father

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192nd - D Co.

Carter, PFC James M.

PFC James Melvin Carter was born on August 25, 1919, in Graves County, Kentucky, and was the son of Henry D. Carter and Regina Lois Ballard-Carter. With his six brothers and two sisters, he grew up in Mayfield, Kentucky. He

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194th - A Co.

Carter, PFC Martin H.

PFC Martin Henry Carter
Born: 18 May 1919 – Glendo, Wyoming
Parents: Martin A. Carter & Nora M. Carter
– mother remarried and lived in Mitchell, Nebraska
– Nora M. Batchelor – moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa
Siblings: 1 sister

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Ross Casmo
192nd - D Co.

Casmo, Pvt. Ross Jr.

Pvt. Ross Casmo Jr. was born on September 12, 1919, in Ohio to Ross Casmo Sr. and Vinnie Mae Bidler-Casmo. During the 1920s, his mother married Roy C. Tillis, and he became a half-brother to a sister and brother. The

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Casperson Worley
194th - C Co.

Casperson, Pvt. Worley L.

Pvt. Worley L. Casperson 
Born: 7 August 1921 – Oregon 
Parents: Carl E. Casperson & Flossie Stapleton-Casperson 
– father died while he was a child 
– mother married Duean Vaal Duean 
Siblings: 1 brother 
Home: 1052 State Street – Redding,

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192nd - D Co.

Causey, Sgt. Isaac H.

Sgt. Isaac Hinton Causey
Born: 13 August 1917 – Arabi, Louisiana
Parents: Rudolph Causey and Ivy Smith-Causey
Siblings: 2 sisters
Home: St. Bernard Parish – Louisiana
– Fort Benning, Georgia
– Camp Polk, Louisiana
– 753rd Tank Battalion

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194th - C Co.

Cederblom, PFC Dean E.

PFC Dean Elwood Cederblom
Born: 23 September 1915 – Washington
Parents: Carl N. Cederblom & Alida P. Schedin-Cederblom
– Address: 714 North Napa Street, Spokane, Washington
Siblings: 1 sister
Residence: Hollister, California
Enlisted: California National Guard
– Contact: sister: Delores

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192nd - C Co.

Chaffin, PFC Charles P.

PFC Charles Pershing Chaffin was born on December 18, 1919, and was one of five children born to William H. Chaffin and Amelia Chaffin. With his two brothers, he grew up at 322 Perry Street in Port Clinton, Ohio, and

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Chapman Alva
192nd - A Co.

Chapman, Sgt. Alva J.

On June 27, 1921, Sgt. Alva J. Chapman was born in on June 27, 1921, in Seattle, Washington. He was the son of Arthur & Lena Chapman and had three younger sisters. His family moved to Janesville, Wisconsin, where he

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