Roster: Camp Pangatian

192nd - A Co.

New, Pvt. Donald B.

Pvt. Donald Burton New was born on June 4, 1913, in Zumbro Township, Wabasha County, Minnesota, to George A. New & Hilda L. Waltman-New. With his two brothers and sister, he grew up at 904 South Third Street in La

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192nd - A Co.

Nolan, Sgt. William F.

Sgt. William F. Nolan was born September 3, 1923, in Wisconsin, to William A. Nolan & Margaret Vail-Nolan and was the older of the couple’s two sons. The family resided at 403 South Franklin Street in Janesville, Wisconsin. Sometime during

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194th - A Co.

Noska, Tec 5 Henry P.

T/5 Henry P. Noska
Born: 18 April 1917 – RFD #1 Browerville, Todd County, Minnesota
Parents: Joseph & Josephine Noska
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers
Occupation: worked on his family’s farm
Home: Moran Township, Todd County, Minnesota
Selective Service Registration:

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194th - MD

Omansky, PFC Herman

PFC Herman Omansky 
Born: 22 June 1905 – Saint Paul, Minnesota 
Mother: Rose Cohen-Burnstein 
– Step-father: David Burnstein 
Siblings: 1 sister 
Home: 206 State Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 
– Mechanics Art School 
– Class of 1924 
Occupation: salesman –

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192nd - C Co.

Richeson, Pvt. Forest E.

Pvt. Forest Elsworth Richeson was born on March 7, 1917, in Cambridge, Ohio, to Lewis V. Richeson and Libbie Lightfoot-Richeson. His father passed away when he was an infant. It is known he had three sisters. As a child, he

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192nd - A Co.

Richter. Pvt. Lloyd J.

Pvt. Lloyd James Richter was born on July 29, 1913, in Marshall, Minnesota, to Edward Richter & Rose Schoell-Richter. He was known as “James” to his family and called “Shadow” by his friends. In 1930, he was living in Iowa

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192nd - HQ Co.

Rickman, Pvt. Howard E.

Pvt. Howard Edward Rickman was from Washington County, Oklahoma, and was born on October 1, 1917, in Pineville, Missouri, and was the son of Emmet Rickman and Ida Maude Catlin-Rickman. It is known that he had seven brothers and two

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194th - A Co.

Lamkin, PFC Joseph P.

PFC Joseph Peter Lamkin was born in Minnesota on October 17, 1921, to Frank Lamkin and Dorothy Moody-Lamkin in North Dakota. He was from Brainerd, Minnesota, and grew up at 808 Willow Street. He joined the Minnesota National Guard in

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194th - HQ Co.

Riley, Capt. John C. Jr.

Cap. John Clifford Riley Jr. 
Born: 24 October 1915 – Saint Joseph, Missouri 
Parents: John C. Riley Sr., & Cora F. Grooms-Riley 
Siblings: 1 sister, 1 brother – His brother, Frank, was a member  of C Company 
Occupation: meat

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192nd - A Co.

Rinehart, Sgt. Orvis L.

Sgt. Orvis Lyle Rinehart was born November 9, 1916, to Ray Rinehart & Grace Hoffmister-Rinehart in Camp Douglas, Wisconsin. With his brother, he was raised at 1416 South Osborne Avenue in Janesville, Wisconsin, and worked with his father and brother

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194th - HQ Co.

Ripley, Pvt. Joseph W.

Pvt. Joseph Wesley Ripley
Born: 8 April 1919 – Hurley, New Mexico
Parents: Orville and Lula Ripley
Siblings: 1 sister
– lived in Ranger, Texas
Home: 746 North 73rd Street – Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Boeing Airplane Company Plant #3 –

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194th - HQ Co.

Robertson, Tec 5 James H.

T/5 James Harry Robertson was born on July 19, 1918, in Bolivar, Missouri. He was the younger of two sons born to William H. Robertson and Gertrude McCulland-Robertson and grew up in unincorporated Marion, Missouri.

When Selective Service Registration became

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