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192nd - A Co.

Luther, Sgt. John P.

Sgt. John P. Luther was born on September 18, 1918, to Walter P. and Sebilla Luther in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but resided in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where

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192nd - A Co.

Luther, S/Sgt. Henry M.

S/Sgt. Henry Michel Luther was one of the twin sons of Walter P. Luther and Sibylla Bennagalee-Luther born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on September 18, 1918.

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192nd - A Co.

Lustig, PFC Maurice E.

PFC Maurice Edmund Lustig was born on June 13, 1920, in Janesville, Wisconsin, to Edmund and Ardena Lustig and raised at 719 North Harding Street.

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194th - HQ Co.

Long, Sgt. Hubert H.

Sgt. Hubert Herbert Long was born in Missouri on February 2, 1917, in St. Joseph, Missouri, to Thomas Long and Hilda M. Bays-Long. From February

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194th - A Co.

Lemke, Tec 4 Steve

T/4 Steve Lemke was born on October 15, 1911, and was the son of Adolphe and Mary Lemke, who were immigrants from Poland in Minneapolis,

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192nd - A Co.

Richardson, Pvt. Obie C.

Pvt. Obie Cloyce Richardson was born on December 28, 1915, in Quitman, Texas, to James H. Richardson and Elma May Johnston-Richardson. With his four sisters

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192nd - HQ Co.

Rickman, Pvt. Howard E.

Pvt. Howard Edward Rickman was from Washington County, Oklahoma, and was born on October 1, 1917, in Pineville, Missouri, to Emmet Rickman and Ida Maude

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