Roster: U.S.S. Joseph T. Dyckman

194th - A Co.

Porwoll, Sgt. Kenneth J.

Sgt. Kenneth John Porwoll
Born: 13 April 1920 – Saint Cloud, Minnesota Parents: Joseph and Katherine Porwoll
Siblings: 1 sister, 2 brothers
Hometown: Brainerd, Minnesota
– college student
– Minnesota National Guard
– 1939
– U. S.

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192nd - D Co.

Scaife, Pvt. James W.

Pvt. James William Scaife
Born: 18 October 1920 – Caldwell Parish, Louisiana
Parents: C. Terry Scaife and Florence Bryant-Scaife 
Siblings: 4 sisters, 3 brothers
Hometown: Clarks, Louisiana 
– U. S. Army 
– 26 July 1940 – Jackson, Mississippi 

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192nd - A Co.

Lang, Sgt. Howard R.

Sgt. Howard Ronald Lang
Born: August 28, 1918 – Saint Paul, Minnesota
Parents: August and Marie Lang
Siblings: 3 brothers, 2 sisters
Hometown: Route #1 New Brighton, Minnesota
Employment: Civilian Conservation Corps
Selective Service Registration: 16 October 1940
– Contact:

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194th - HQ Co.

Klein, Pvt. Clayton C.

Pvt. Clayton Cameron Klein 
Born: 17 November 1919 – Arkansas 
– the family moved to Oregon in 1930 
Parents: Otto P. Klein & Ethel McFarland-Klein 
Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother 
Home: 1604 Y Avenue – La Grande, Oregon 

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194th - HQ Co.

Kachmarek, Pvt. Lawrence D.

Pvt. Lawrence Dominic Kachmarek 
Born: 6 July 1917 – Benton County, Minnesota 
Parents: Stanley Kachmarek and Rozalja Pokornowski-Kachmarek 
Siblings: 3 sisters, 3 brothers 
Hometown: Route #3 Foley, Minnesota 
– family owned a farm outside of town 
Selective Service Registration: 16

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194th - A Co.

Hopkins, Pvt. Carson C.

Pvt. Carson Claude Hopkins 
Born: 22 July 1919 – Clinton County, Iowa 
Parents: Gilbert Hopkins and Glenna Nichols-Hopkins 
Siblings: 1 sister 
Home: 731 Twelfth Avenue South – Clinton, Iowa 
– U.S. Army 
– 1941 
– Fort Lewis, Kentucky 

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194th - A Co.

Gravitt, Pvt. Lyle R.

Pvt. Lyle Robert Gravitt 
Born: 19 December 1919 – Ames, Iowa 
Parents: Joseph B. Gravitt & Letha M. Bates-Gravitt 
– step-father: James M. Smith 
Siblings: 3 sisters, 1 brother, 1 half-sister, 1 half-brother 
Hometown: Union, Iowa 
Education: 2 years of

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192nd - C Co.

Giamalva, Pvt. Charles J.

Pvt. Charles John Giamalva was born on February 14, 1916, in Lufkin, Angelina County, Texas, to Sam Giamalva and Rosalie Scalise-Giamalva. With his six sisters and five brothers, he grew up at 1403 Cook Street in Houston, Texas. He was

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192nd - B Co.

Edwards, Pvt. James E.

Pvt. James Ernest Edwards was born on July 6, 1917, to Mr. & Mrs. William A. Edwards. He was one of the couple’s four sons. His mother passed away on October 17, 1918, and at some point, his father remarried

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192nd - HQ Co.

Brummett, Pvt. Grover C.

Pvt. Grover Cleveland Brummett was born April 9, 1920, in Lancaster, Kentucky, to Joseph Brummett & Nellie Ashford-Brummett. He grew up on a small farm near Lancaster with his three sisters and two brothers. As a child, he attended school

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192nd - A Co.

Trinka, Pvt. Vendel J. Jr.

Pvt. Vendel J. Trinka Jr. was born on May 25, 1919, in Michigan, to Vendal J. Trinka Sr. and Elizabeth Kriston-Trinka. He was the oldest child of four children. His parents were Hungarian immigrants who later divorced and his mother

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192nd - HQ Co.

Blacketer, Pvt. William E.

Pvt. William Elwood Blacketer
Born: 5 April 1919 – Mackville, Kentucky
Parents: Elmer Blacketer and Hattie Shewmaker-Blacketer
Siblings: 3 sisters, 7 brothers
Home: 461 Hardin Avenue – Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Occupation: Odd Jobs
– Kentucky National Guard – Harrodsburg

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