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Merle Miller - C Co.
192nd - C Co.

Miller, Pvt. Merle L.

Pvt. Merle Lloyd Miller was born on August 7, 1919, in Hooker, Oklahoma, to John Miller and Living Sellars-Miller. With his two sisters and brother,

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192nd - HQ Co.

Keegan, Tec 5 Harold P.

T/5 Harold Philip Keegan was the son of Raymond F. Keegan and Mary Ellen Conway-Keegan and was born March 22, 1922, in Hanover, Wisconsin. He

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192nd - B Co.

Johnson, Pvt. Bernard W.

Pvt. Bernard Willard Johnson was born on November 11, 1918, to Joseph M. Johnson and Mary E. Martin-Johnson in Wellsville, Ohio. With his two brothers,

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192nd - B Co.

Heinrich, Pvt. Kenneth A.

Pvt. Kenneth Alvin Heinrich was born on April 24, 1919, in Chicago, Illinois, to Otto Heinrich and Grace Schumacher-Heinrich. He grew up, in Chicago, at

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192nd - B Co.

Griffin, Sgt. James W.

Sgt. James William Griffin was born on January 12, 1915, in Chicago to John J. Griffin and Alice McCabe-Griffin. His father was a Cook County,

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Secrist J
192nd - D Co.

Secrist, Pvt. James C.

Pvt. James Campbell Secrist  Born: 21 December 1918 – Avella, Pennsylvania  Parents: Orville J. Secrist and Anna Melissa Kennerdall-Secrist  Home: 710 Wertz Northwest – Canton,

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