Roster: May 24, 2019

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Proviso Students

Babcock, S/Sgt. Arthur L.

S/Sgt. Arthur Lee Babcock 
Born: 9 December 1921 – Alameda, California 
Parents: William H. Babcock & Bird Brown-Babcock 
Siblings: Sgt. William B. Babcock, Vera, Kenneth, Albert
– 615 North Eighth Avenue – Maywood, Illinois 
Education: Lincoln Grade School 

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Bp Logo2

Bataan Project Story

Since the Bataan Commemorative Research Project Website has been on-line, I have been asked repeatedly, in e-mails, in person, and for newspaper and magazine articles, why the website was created. To answer this question, I will attempt to tell the

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Brazil Maru

Beecher, Lt. Col. Curtis T.

Lt. Col. Curtis Thurston Beecher was born on October 28, 1897, in Chicago, Illinois, to Bryant L. Beecher and Grace Thurston-Beecher. His father worked in the composing room for the Chicago Daily News. With his five sisters, he was raised

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Cause of Death

Busboom, PFC Milton W.

PFC Milton William Busboom
Born: 7 September 1919 – Chicago, Illinois
Parents: William H. Busboom and Caroline Niehoff-Busboom 
Siblings: 1 sister
– 1911 South Sixth Avenue, Maywood, Illinois 
– Garfield Grade School 
– Proviso Township High School 

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Garrison Grave
Proviso Students

Garrison, S1/c Donald W.

S1/c Donald William Garrison 
Born: 14 July 1925 – Cook County, Illinois 
Parents: Edward W. & Antoinette M. Garrison 
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers 
– 2655 North Seventy-Second Court – Elmwood Park, Illinois 
– John Mills Middle School 

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Proviso Students

Georgandas, Pvt. Paul H.

Pvt. Paul Harold Georgandas
Born: 7 July 1923 – Cook County, Illinois
Parents: Paul J. Georgandas & Edna Lenou-Georgandas 
Siblings: 1 sister 
– 7442 West Harvard Street – Forest Park, Illinois 
– his family would later move to 6214

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Proviso Students

Hardy, S/Sgt. Elmer C.

S/Sgt. Elmer Curtis Hardy 
Born: 9 January 1923 – Melrose Park, Illinois  
Parents: Harry J. Hardy & Antonie Adamik-Hardy 
Siblings: 2 brothers 
– 1542 North Thirty-Sixth Avenue – Melrose Park, Illinois 
– Grant Grade School 
– Proviso Township

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Proviso Students

Justus, S/Sgt. Alexander Jr.

S/Sgt. Alexander Justus Jr.
Born: 16 February 1918 – Maywood, Illinois 
Parents: Alexander Justus Sr. & Lydia Schaefer-Justus 
Siblings: Younger sister, Mary, apparently died as a child
– 119 South Fourteenth Avenue, Maywood, Illinois 
– St. Paul Lutheran

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Proviso Students

Koller, 2nd Lt. Henry J.

2nd Lt. Henry J. Koller was born on April 6, 1921, in Oak Park, Illinois, to Henry C. Koller and Anna Schneider-Koller. He was known as “Bud” to his family. With his two sisters, he grew up first in Oak

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