Hospital 1

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Hospital #1 at Limay during the Battle of Bataan. It is not known why he was sent there. What is known about the hospital is that it was composed of a good number of buildings with Napa roofs. There were five buildings 25 feet wide and 75 feet long buildings that served as hospital wards and a separate building that served as a recovery ward. There sleeping quarters for the officers and one for the nurses.

The hospital was clearly marked with red crosses on the buildings, but it was intentionally bombed on April 7th with three bombs landing inside the hospital compound. The bombing resulted in the deaths of 73 patients and personnel being killed and 117 wounded. Another bomb was dropped on it the morning of April 9th, but no one was killed. After the surrender, the medical staff and patients remained at the hospital. The hospital was officially surrendered to the Japanese on April 9, at 1:35 P.M.

Hospital #2 was combined into Hospital #1 on May 10th, and most of the doctors and medics from #2 were sent to Cabanatuan POW Camp to open a hospital. It was in June that Hospital #2 was moved to Camp O’Donnell. It appears he remained there until the hospital was closed and the staff was sent to Cabanatuan.