Where did the soldiers come from?  


The men of the 192nd Tank Battalion came from several different geographical areas of the United States.

  Your Assignment:


1. Using a blank map of the United States,

    indicate where the towns that the men

     of the 192nd Tank Battalion came from

    are located.

  • Maywood, Illinois
  • Port Clinton, Ohio
  • Harrodsburg, Kentucky
  • Janesville, Wisconsin

2. Indicate where Fort Knox is located.


3. Indicate where Camp Polk is located.


4. Indicate where Angel Island is located.

5.  On a map of the Philippines, indicate

     where the following places are located:

Bataan Peninsula

Town of Cabanatuan

City of Manila

Clark Field

Camp O'Donnell

Island of Corregidor

Town of Mariveles



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