S/Sgt. Miles Lloyd Toepper

Born: 26 December 1923 - Illinois

Parents: J. Charles & Laura Toepper

Siblings: 2 sisters, 2 brothers


    - 418 South Elgin Avenue - Forest Park, Illinois


    - Saint James Catholic School - Maywood, Illinois

    - Proviso Township High School

        - Class of 1941

    - Northwestern University (Evening School)


    - 31 March 1943

Serial Number: 36655469

    - Camp Hood - Killeen, Texas

    - Camp Bowie - Brownwood, Texas

    - Camp Harlingen - Killeeen, Texas

    - Biggs Army Airfield - El Paso, Texas

        - crews of B-17s and B24s trained there

            - ball turret gunner

Stationed: North Pickenham, England

    - member of crew #601


    - went to England on the Queen Elizabeth


    - 856th Bomb Squadron, 492nd Bombardment Group (Heavy), 8th Air Force

        - unit flew B24J Bombers

        - unofficially known as "The Hard Luck Group" for number of casualties

    - Toepper's crew was one of the original bomber crews

Plane: 44-40163


    - 34 bombing missions over Europe

        - 11 May 1944 - first mission

Killed in Action:

    - 20 June 1944

        - 856th assigned to bomb oil refineries at Politz, Germany

        - on flight to target the squadron was attacked by Me-410s, Ju-88s, Me-109s,

          and Me-110s

        - it is believed a captured B-24 joined formation and radioed their position to


        - Toepper's plane hit by rockets from Me-410s and Ju-88s

            - plane fell from sky and crashed into the Kubitzer Bodden, a part of the

              Baltic Sea, which is a channel between Stralsund and Rugen Island

        - Toepper's body recovered on coast near Stralsund by Germans after crash  

        - buried in local cemetery


    - 11 June 1949 - Forest Home Cemetery - Forest Park, Illinois

         - buried next to his grandmother


    - Purple Heart



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