MM1/c Raymond Smith Jennings

Born: 1 January 1914 - Kankakee, Illinois

Parents: Fred & Laura Jennings

    - Fred was his step-father

Siblings: 1 sister


    - 611 South Seventh Avenue, Maywood, Illinois

        - family moved to Maywood when he was eight from Kankakee, Illinois

Nickname: "Bus"


    - Emerson School

    - Proviso Township High School

        - Class of 1932


    - 3 April 1939

         - used his step-father's last name, Jennings, on his high school records

         - Navy required that he use the last name that appeared on his birth certificate

             - served in Navy as "Raymond Jennings Smith"

Serial Number: 380  83  44

Rank: Machinist Mate Second Class

    - U.S.S. Chicago

    - U.S.S. San Francisco - 8 April 1939

    - U.S.S. Pope - 31 March 1941


    - Battle of Balikpapan, Borneo

    - Battle of Badung Strait, Bali

    - Battle of Lumbok Straits

    - At the Battle of the Java Sea, HMS Exeter suffered torpedo damage

        - U.S.S. Pope assigned as an escort for HMS Exeter to Ceylon, India - 29 February 1942

            - U.S.S. Pope did not take part in battle because of problems with its freshwater system

        - HMS Encounter also given this duty - 28 February 1942

        - Exeter needed repairs from torpedo damage

        - 1 March 1942 - three ships found themselves in the midst of a 13 ship Japanese convoy

        - Both the Encounter and Exeter were sunk

        - U.S.S. Pope attempted to escape

             - hit by bombs from Japanese planes the Pope began to take on water

             - Bus was thrown into the sea when ship was hit

                 - remained in water for three days until picked up by the Japanese

             - crew attempted to save the Pope, but the ship was taking on water faster than they

               could pump it out

             - crew abandoned ship as she sank

Prisoner of War:

    - 2 March 1942

    - Japanese Destroyer Ikazuchi picks up survivors of Pope and Encounter

    - Makassar POW Camp, Dutch East Indies


    - 28 April 1945

        - prison hospital - Makassar,  Dutch East Indies - beriberi and malaria


      - Mount Emblem Cemetery - Elmhurst, Illinois

        - Section: J   Lot:  541   Grave:   3

Promoted: Posthumously to Machinist Mate First Class



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