Lt. Robert Mohr, second from left, with the other members of the crew of his B-17 "Shack Up."
Members of the "Shack Up" crew:
1st Lt. Roy H. Mohr* - Pilot
2nd Lt. Elmer F. Schulz* - Co-pilot
1st Lt. James G. Shilliday - Navigator
1st Lt. Ronald A. Marean -  Bombardier
T/Sgt. Hartzell H. Jones* - Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
T/Sgt. Halleck H. Hasson - Radioman
S/Sgt Bernard A. Becker* - Ball Turret Gunner
S/Sgt Robert W. Wallin - Right Wing Gunner
S/Sgt Rodric G. Beckham - Left Wing Gunner
S/Sgt Robert R. Ammarell -  Tail Gunner

* Killed in Action



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