At Davao, Mindanao, Japanese guard, Little Caesar, who was a judo expert, beats an American POW for not working hard enough on a prison farm.

Courtesy of Carl Maggio


In this postcard home from Cabanatuan, Sgt Jim Bashleben of B Company tells his parents to say "hello" to Miss Helen Connale and Miss Janet Hepburn.  Helen Connale was Mrs. Willard Von Bergen whose husband was in B Company, 192nd Tank Battalion.  Unknown to the Japanese, Jim was telling the two women that their husbands, who were his two high school friends, had died while POWs.   After the war, when he returned home, both women told him that they understood his message.

Courtesy of Jim Bashleben


This second postcard home to his parents states that Sgt. Jim Bashleben was in excellent condition.  The truth was that like most POWs, he was often ill and always underfed.

Courtesy of Jim Bashleben


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