This famous picture from the National Archives, shows how poorly the Japanese fed these two former POWs and the other POWs.  Both men were liberated by American Rangers from Cabanatuan POW Camp in the Philippine Islands in January, 1945.


The spoon that Sgt. Jim Bashleben made from his mess kit is shown in this picture.  The tag on the picture says that the spoon is approximately four inches long.

The block of wood has Sgt. Jim Bashleben's POW number of 1160 written on it.  This was his POW number while a Fukuoka POW Camp 17 in Japan.

Courtesy of Jim Bashleben


Telegram sent to the parents of Sgt. Jim Bashleben by the Adjutant General after it was learned that he was alive in Fukuoka Camp 17.

Courtesy of Jim Bashleben


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