Oryoku Maru, Enoura Maru, and Brazil Maru
drawings and photos

Oryoku Maru

Cross section of Oryoku Maru showing the holds the POWs were held in during attack.

Drawing of attack on Oryoku Maru.  The POW in the hatch was Commander Frank Bridgit.  During the attack, Bridgit described to the POWs - in the hold - what he was seeing.

In this drawing, the rear hold of the Oryoku Maru takes a hit by a bomb dropped by an American fighter bomber killing many POWs.

Photo of the Oryoku Maru burning off the shore of Olongapo Naval Station.

Another photo, taken by an American plane of the Oryoku Maru on fire.  The white specks in the water are the POWs swimming to shore.

Another photo of the Oryoku Maru in Subic Bay during attack by American planes.

The Japanese set up machine guns and fired at the POWs in the water.  In addition, the Japanese sent out boats with riflemen who shot the POWs.

The tennis court at Olongapo Naval Station where 1300 POWs were held. During their time on the court, the POWs watched American planes bomb and strafe, but the planes never attacked them while they were on the tennis court.

POWs on the tennis courts got water from the one water faucet at the court that ran as a trickle.

Map showing the first part of the Oryoku Maru POWs journey to Japan.  Note that the POWs rode trucks to San Fernando.

At San Fernando, Pampanga, the POWs boarded boxcars that were riddled with bullet holes from being strafed by American planes.  To prevent the train from being attacked, POWs were allowed on top of the boxcars and encouraged to wave to the planes.

Train leaving San Fernando.

American planes checking out train as it made its way to San Fernando, La Union.  The planes did not attack the train.

Map looking to the southeast showing the trip the POWs took by train.

POWs lined up on beach as they wait to board the Brazil Maru and Enoura Maru.

POWs in barges being transported to the Brazil Maru and Enoura Maru.

Enoura Maru

Diagram of holds on the Enoura Maru

Japanese ships being bombed and strafed in Takao Harbor, Formosa, on January 9, 1945.  The Enoura Maru is the ship that is partially cut off in the lower right corner of the photo. 

This drawing depicts the POWs inside a hold of the Enoura Maru during the attack by American planes.  The day before the attack, the Japanese transferred the POWs from the Brazil Maru to the ship.

Drawing of a hold on the Enoura Maru showing the damage, dead, and wounded. 

POWs on the Enoura Maru burial detail dragging the bodies of those killed, to shore, from the barge they had been moved to for burial.  The POWs were too weak to carry the dead ashore.
All the men killed on the ship were buried in a mass grave.

Photo taken by an American photographer of the hole, caused by a bomb, in the haul of the Enoura Maru.  The Japanese attempted to repair the ship but gave up.  This photo was taken after the war.

Brazil Maru 

Diagram showing the holds of the Brazil Maru.
This was the last Japanese transport the POWs who first boarded the Oryoku Maru were on.  The ship safely reached Japan.

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