The Men of the 192nd Tank Battalion 

Medical Detachment


Out of respect for the members of the 192nd Tank Battalion, we have included this roster of the Medical Detachment of the 192nd Tank Battalion.

+  Indicates those men who died during World War II


Capt. Alvin C. Poweleit, M.D.

1st Lt. William D. Mosiman, M.D.



Enlisted Men

Pfc. Robert G. Gill Jr.+

Pvt. Ira C. Morgan

Pvt. Albert J. Graf

T/5 Paul E. Moser III+

Pvt. Marvin W. Jaeger

Pvt. Robert J. Nank+

Pfc. Charles C. Jensen

Pvt. Donald C. Norris

Pvt. Nick Kaplar

Cpl. John B. Reynolds+

Pvt. Wilbur E. Linse

Pvt. Robert J. Ryan

Pfc. Curtis Massey+

Pfc. Ardell O. Schei

S/Sgt. Howard I. Massey Sr.+

Pfc. Martin L. Wasserman

Pvt. John B. Miller

Pvt. Earl H. Wheeler

The above roster is based on U. S. Army Reports, newspaper articles, and the personal testimonies of the surviving members of the Medical Detachment.  If a member of the Medical Detachment, who served in the Philippine Islands,  was inadvertently omitted from this roster, please let us know so that the omission can be corrected.  If you have information on a  member of Medical Detachment, a photograph of a member of Medical Detachment, or  would like to correct inaccurate information on a member of Medical Detachment, please contact us at:

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