Photo of the Janesville Bataan Mother's Auxiliary:

Bottom Row: (From Left) Mrs. Schoeberle, Mrs. Thorman, Ms. Ryder, Mrs. O'Connell, Mrs. Walsh

Second Row: Unknown, Unknown

Third Row: Mrs. Wasson, Mrs. Wallisch, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Bruni, Mrs. Havens,

Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Bloomfield

Fourth Row: Mrs. Reese, Mrs.Grimm, Delores Schoeberle, Florence McCrea

Fifth Row: Mrs. Buggs, Mrs. Poraokin, Mrs. Samek, Mrs. Prueler


The  Janesville Auxiliary was made up of the mothers, mother-in-laws, aunts, sisters, wives, and girlfriends of members of A Company and HQ Company from Janesville, Wisconsin.
Front Row: Jeanette Worthington, Kathleen Fanning, Florence McCrea, Gertrude Mongue, Mrs. Gail Cullen, Mrs. Lorraine Burshaw*, Mrs. Velma Bloomfield*, Betty Hyne, Mary Fox, Ruth Church, Evelyn Burke, and Seraphine Milazzo.
Second Row: Mrs. Helen Buggs, Mrs. Verena Scoville, Mrs. Anna Madison, Mrs. Ellen Manogue, Florence Campbell, Mrs. Helen Wallisch, Mrs. Eva Courtney, Mrs. Willard Campbell*, Martha Samek, Mrs. Julia Ann Courtney*, Nellie Williams (Honorary Member),  Mrs. Joe Ridell, Mrs. Albert Bartz, C. P. Garst, Leslie Bartlett.
Third Row: Mrs. Robert Neeson, Mrs. Arelene Crompton, Mrs. P. J. Krueger, Mrs. Clara Havens, Mrs. Thelka Thorman*, Mrs. Jesse Rose Write*, Mrs. Willard Ellis, Mrs. Bessie May Durner, Mrs. Harriet Hubbard, H.S. Lovejoy (Honorary Member)
Fourth Row: Evelyn Compton, Mrs. Agnes Schoeberle, Delores Schoeberle, Mrs. Minnie Thorman, Mrs. Lillias Buggs, Mrs. Hazel Bruni*, Mrs. Minnie Ryman, Mrs. Vera Prien,  Mrs. Harold Quade, Mrs. Edith Hill, Mrs. Frank Ryder, Mrs. W. J. Brackin, Mrs. Evelyn Burke, Mrs. Irma Parish, Mrs. Alfred Riese, Mrs. Anna Hatlevig, Mrs. Thelma Grim.
Back Row: Mrs. Grace Rinehart, Mrs. Stella Dorsey, Mrs. Rose Phillips, Mrs. Fay Teal, Mrs. Mary Courtney*, Mrs. Ardena Lustig, Mrs. Evelyn Fox, Mrs. Amelia Steen, Mrs. Clara Tubbs.

* Wife of a member of HQ Company or A Company