Blood Drive held in Harrodsburg on August 26, 1943 and August 27, 1943

A mobile Blood Donor Service's truck arrived in Harrodsburg at the First Christian Church.  Volunteers unloading the truck were, from left to right, C.B. Lawson, Henry Kurt, Capt. J.C. Woodward, Hayden Gillespie, and James Bishop.

Mrs. Field "Jack" Reed Jr., on left, with Mrs. Field Reed Sr., entering the blood drive in Harrodsburg.  Her daughter, Anita, 3, holds her hand while her son, Tommy, 4, holds his grandmother's hand.

Mr. Harry LaFon Sr., whose son, Lt. Harry LaFon Jr, was a member of D Company, talks to Mrs. Jessie Cotton, the sister of Lt. William Gentry, D Company, on the steps of the First Christian Church in Harrodsburg.

Mrs. Geroge Chumley Sr,  on left, and Mr. George Chumley Sr., on right holding bottle, have dry plasma explained to them by Mrs. Francis M. Whitledge.  Pvt. George Chumley Jr., was drafted into the Army and assigned to D Company at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

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