Lt. Roy Arthur Fuller

Born: 13 July 1916 - Maywood, Illinois

Parents: Clarence W. Fuller & Lucia M. Struckmeyer-Fuller

Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sisters

    - twin brother: Ray


    - 409 South Seventh Avenue - Maywood, Illinois


    - Emerson Grade School

    - Proviso Township High School

        - Graduating Class: 1934

    - Purdue University

        - Class of 1938

Wife: Constance

Son: Roy, Jr.

Occupation: Federal Bureau of Investigation - Washington, D.C.


    - Unknown - United States Naval Reserve

Serial Number: O&106132


    - Anacostia Naval Air Station - Washington D.C.

    - Jacksonville. Florida

    - Miami, Florida

        - trained as a pilot

Ship: USS Shangri-la


    - air strike against Japanese held islands of Okino, Daito and Jima

        - destroyed radar and radio installations

    - Battle of Okinawa

        - air support of 10th Army

    - Air battle over Japanese Island of Kyushu

Killed in Action:

    - 2 June 1945 

        - plane shot down by enemy fire 

        - planes were making strikes on Japanese Island of Kyushu against fierce Japanese

          fighter resistance

Declared Dead: 3 June 1946


    - Honolulu Memorial Courts of the Missing

        - National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific- Honolulu, Hawaii


    - Air Medal

    - Purple Heart



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