Pvt. Arvid Lyktshiold Danielson

Born: 22 April 1910 - Norman County, Minnesota
    - military records may have his name as Arnold L. Danielson

Parents: Anders Danielson & Martha J. Erickson-Danielson

  - father died and mother married John A. Hanson 

Siblings: 2 sisters, 4 brothers, 1 half-brother

Hometown: Sundal Township, Norman County, Minnesota

Occupation: farmhand

Inducted: Unknown


    - Fort Lewis, Washington
        - tank driver
        - member of Sgt, Walter Straka's tank crew


    - 194th Tank Battalion

Note: On August 15, 1941, the 194th received orders, from Ft. Knox, Kentucky, for duty in the Philippines because of an event that happened during the summer.  A squadron of American fighters was flying over Lingayen Gulf when one of the pilots noticed something odd.  He took his plane down and identified a buoy in the water.  He came upon more buoys that lined up, in a straight line for 30 miles to the northwest, in the direction of an Japanese occupied island, with a large radio transmitter, hundred of miles away.  The squadron continued its flight plane and flew south to Mariveles and then returned to Clark Field.  By the time the planes landed, it was too late to do anything that day.  The next morning, by the time another squadron was sent to the area the next day, the buoys had been picked up by a fishing boat which was seen making its way toward shore.  Since communication between and Air Corps and Navy was poor, the boat was not intercepted.  It was at that time the decision was made to build up the American military presence in the Philippines.
Overseas Duty:
    - 4 September  1941 -
        - battalion traveled by train to Ft. Mason in San Francisco, California
    - Arrived: 7:30 A.M. - 5 September 1941
        - ferried to Ft. McDowell, Angel Island on U.S.A.T. General Frank M. Coxe
        - given physicals and inoculations
        - men with medical conditions replaced

    - Ship: U.S.S. President Coolidge
    - Boarded: Monday - 8 September 1941 - 3:00 P.M.
    - Sailed: 9:00 P.M. - same day
    - Arrived: Honolulu, Hawaii - Saturday - 13 September 1941 - 7:00 A.M.
    - Sailed: 5:00 P.M. - same day
    - Arrived: Manila - Friday - 26 September 1941
        - disembark ship - 3:00 P.M.
        - taken by bus to Fort Stostenburg

    - Ft. Stotsenburg
        - lived in tents until barracks completed - 15 November 1941 
        - 1 December 1941
            - tanks ordered to perimeter of Clark Field
            - 194th guarded north end of airfield with 192nd guarding south portion
            - two crew members of each tank and half-track remained with vehicle at all times
                - meals served by food trucks
            - those not assigned to a tank or half-track remained at command post


    - Battle of Luzon
        - 8 December 1941 - 6 January 1942
            - 8 December 1941
                - Clark Field
                    - hit by shrapnel from an exploding bomb in his posterior
                    - bleeding so bad that Sgt. Walter Straka plugged the wound with his t-shirt
                    - saved Danielson's life

                    - Taken to military hospital - Fort Stostenburg
                        - Purple Heart


    - 31 December 1941
        - S.S. Mactan

            - Japanese allowed one ship carrying wounded to leave for Australia

            - ship sailed 10:00 P.M.
            - small fire occurred on ship

                - 27 day trip

            - strafed by Japanese planes

        - Arrived: Darwin, Australia

            - taken to Brisbane, Australia
        - sent to Australian General Hospital - Sydney
        - returned to the United States

    - 19 August 1942
    - September 1942
        -Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco, California - 30 September 1942


    - 27 October 1943

        - wounds considered too severe to stay in military 


    - 8 February 1988 - Cass County, Oklahoma


    - Sundal Cemetery - Gary, Minnesota 







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