Co._ C_BTW_ 2


C Company cooks (from left to right) Pvt. Harold Beggs, Pvt. Silas LeGrow, Tec. 4 Chester Decant, and Pvt. John Minier.

Courtesy of Joseph Hrupcho


Sgt. Joseph Hrupcho and Cpl. Wade Chio in front of the battalion HQ building at Ft. Knox.

Courtesy of Joseph Hrupcho


Not everyone went home for Christmas in 1940.  In this picture taken at Ft. Knox are, from left to right, Cpl. Joseph Zam, Tec. 4 John Kovach, S/Sgt. Joseph Beard, 1st Sgt. Andrew Migala, Sgt. John Andrews, and Sgt. Silas LeGrow.  

Of the six men in the picture, five would go to the Philippine Islands. Only Sgt. Silas LeGrow would survive life as a Japanese POW.  1st Sgt. Migala was released from federal duty as C Company prepared for duty in the Philippines. 

Courtesy of Joseph Hrupcho


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