Fort Knox, Kentucky

1940  -  1941


Photo of C Company taken at the armory in Port Clinton, Ohio in 1940.  Men whose names are followed by an asterisk did go to the Philippine Islands.

From left; Front RowPvt. Edward Grogg, Pvt. Silas LeGrow, Pfc. John Short, Cpl. Virgil C. Janes, Pfc. Harold R. Beggs, Pvt. Wade ChioPvt. Chester S. DeCant, Pvt. John J. Morine, Cpl. John Miklo, Cpl. Edsel E. Kirk*, Pfc. George H. Smith*,

Second RowSgt. Elmer N. Smith, Sgt. George S. Carr*, 1st/Sgt. Andrew Migala*, 1st. Lt. Raymond H. Conley*, 1st. Lt. Robert Sorenson, Capt. Joseph Braddock*, 2nd Lt. Harold Collins, 2nd Lt. Authur Burholt, S/Sgt. Carl H. Meighan*, Sgt. Virgil M. Gordon*, Sgt. John R. Andrews.  

Third RowSgt. Olen C. Elwell, Sgt. Joseph J. Wierzchon, S/Sgt. Henry M. Wierzba*, Sgt. Steve EliyasSgt. Joseph J. Hrupcho, Sgt. Joseph W. Beard, Pfc. Alton M. Dodway, Pvt. Kenneth E. Thompson, Cpl. Howard M. Wodrich.

Fourth RowPfc. Joseph Zam, Pvt. John Kovach, Pvt. John J. Minier, Pvt. Jacob A. Schmidt, Pvt. Rollie C. Harger, Pfc. James W. O'Brien, Cpl. Russell D. Simon, Pvt. John G. Kolesar, Pvt. Charles R. Boeshart, Pvt. Charles P. Chaffin, Pvt. John F. Reed*.

*Did not go to the Philippine Islands.


Courtesy of the Ida Rupp Library

Lt. Harold Collin, Lt. Arthur Burholdt, and Capt. Robert Sorenson meet on November 27, 1940, the night before C Company left for Fort. Knox, Kentucky.

Members of C Company on train bound for Ft. Knox, Kentucky, on November 28, 1941.

Capt. Harold Collins holding his daughter, Carol, poses for this picture with his wife.

Courtesy of Carol Berhman



Pvt. Charles Looney sits inside a tank.  

Charles Looney died as a POW.

Courtesy of Donald Hawkins



Silas LaGrow and John Minier at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.
Courtesy of John Minier


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