Co. B BTW 9


The members of B Company in this picture taken at Ft. Knox in early 1941 are from the top left:  Sgt. Robert Peterson, Sgt. David Merkel, Pvt. Steve Kodaj, and Sgt. Al Edwards.   Bottom row from left- Pvt. Ray Vandenbroucke, Pfc. Harold Lane, Lt. Emmett Gibson, Sgt. Joseph Brodaczewski, Pfc. Willard Jennings, Lt. Donald Hanes.

Of the men in this picture, only Sgt. David Merkel and Sgt. Joseph Brodaczewski did not go to the Philippines.

Courtesy of Ray Peterson


The interior of B Company's mess hall at Ft. Knox.

Courtesy of Ray Peterson


The barracks of the all the companies of the 192nd are on the left in this picture with the battalion administrative buildings on the right.

Courtesy of Ray Peterson


Company B at morning assembly in the fall of 1940.

Courtesy of George Smith Jr.



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